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Updated at Omega on February 1st, 2003

After a long absence The Omega Connection is back on the Net!
As always... No Commercials, No Banners! and completely FREE
Please be sure to bookmark this new location.
I am presently editing every page and updating/deleting links. With nearly 2000 pages this will take a little while .
If you have visited Omega before would you please send me a short e-mail to let me know you are still with me? Thanks.

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A new feature has been added. It describes the finding of Soviet Submarine S-8. You can find it here

Summertime is Sailing Time! Visit Desolation Sound, British Columbia onboard Y-Knot....


A small offering from Pogo

Sincere thanks toKitty for this beautiful animated graphic.

The Wilhelm Gustloff feature has a new Main Menu to help you better navigate the ever-increasing number of new features.

As mentioned earlier, my main aim in making the special feature on the Gustloff was to ensure more people would be made aware
of this terrible tragedy and I am happy to report that the aim has been achieved.

To date, over 65,000 people have visted the Gustloff site and, on November 15th, 1999, the History Channel
has aired a World Premiere of a documentary covering that very subject.
I was honoured to have been asked by the Executive Producer to participate
in the making of this documentary, which I did by contributing data for his research.

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