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The Original Music Page -  Omega is soon becoming known as 'the place to go for good music on the Net' and this page is your introduction.... Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra - Omega's most popular feature - Over 100,000 visitors Concerts in the Park. An Introduction. Includes a menu of concerts listed below.
Main Features

Great feature on the Titanic - No.... the Titanic was NOT the worst maritime disaster of all times... See the Gustloff feature! History records what has happened, not what historians wish should have happened. Why did so few know about the Gustloff? Submarine S13 Story - How could an ace submarine Captain, a recipient of the Order of Lenin and of the Order of the Red Banner medals end up doing time at one of the worst camps in Siberia one might ask? - This is his story. It was equipped with the latest navigational gear of the period and had onboard a high ranking Navigation Officer whose alleged purpose was to ensure safe passage in foreign waters yet, that particular boat managed to be stranded high and dry on a rocky shore within walking distance of a major Swedish Naval Base. This is the story of Soviet submarine S 137. S-137 AKA Whisky on the Rocks' is back - Check it out here Ahoy! As I saw it - Naval reminiscences - World War II at Sea as experienced by a very good friend of mine. Filled with goodies, including links to a working copy of the Enigma decipher machine! Marauders of the Sea - German Armed Merchant Ship during W.W. II - One of the lesser reported events of World War 2 is the success achieved by Germany's 'Surface Raiders' or Armed Merchant Ships. - This is their story

This page should prove of interest not only to the devoted astronomer but to the public at large. Some of the best sites on the Web can be found here. The Health Page - some of the best links on the subject Reference pages on miscellaneous subjects. This page will soon be updated with some of the best links

Omega first saw the day as an Online Newsletter and all past issues (27) can be viewed from this page. The links have been kept current.
Issue 1 january 1999 Read past copies of the Compuflash Bulletins here. Although some are three years old (how time flies) they all are still very 'current'.

Contains a comprehensive listing of search engines. <font color=red>New sites</font> are often added so be sure to check often for new links. This page is presently being updated. Here, you will find all the hottest links I come across, as they are discovered. Please note: this award is not given upon request. If your site earns Omega's Kool Site Award, it will be listed here. Submissions for this award will be considered and you will be notified if your site is listed. You will find in these pages all the latest homepages, software and applications etc I have found in my travels through the Net.

This page is my humble contribution to the flight sim community. Includes 'Ramblings of an old flyer' and more. Ramblings of an old surfer....

No.. this was not a 'typo'. What began as a lark soon took on a life of its own. First, we had a few lovely little dogs, then came the bird, the lizzards....

By popular demand, this feature has been kept online. Includes musical numbers.

Married 40 years! This called for a special celebration. This feature could have been called '40 years in photos!
Hours spent at the keyboard can be deadly. Besides, all work and no play makes for a dull Jack. So... take a break. Hilarious to! Our companion for 14 years. She will never be forgotten.
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Best way to reach me is via e-mail. I answer all queries. Many come and visit but very few take the time to sign the Guestbook. Would love to hear from YOU. Would you like to be 'the' exception? Many come and visit but very few take the time to sign the Guestbook. Would love to hear from YOU. Would you like to be 'the' exception?