modified X-wing
250,000 [retooled]
space superiority fighter
1 week
12.5 meters
Nav Computer
yes/3 jump limit
110 kilograms


Art Work: "Rebel Hanger" by: Phil Rivera

Stats by: Scott "Jade" Murphy

Passive 30/0D
Scan 60/1D+1
Search 80/2D+1
Focus 4/4D+1
Capsule: "Wolf"

This variation of the X-wing is available in very limited quantities. The engines have been completely replaced and upgraded to provide more speed, keeping the good maneuverability rating of the standard X-wing. The most notable feature is a dedicated Nav computer, The astromech droid socket has been removed to make room for the Nav computer and targeting jammer. The translation computer has also been removed to allow the installation of a new targeting computer giving a small increase in accuracy. 

This fighter has been completely overhauled and retooled by the technicians here at Omars. The only visually noticeable difference, is the removal of the standard r2 unit. The mission role for this ship is to subdue , disable, or destroy enemy fighters. This craft is not optimized to attack larger targets, as the proton torpedoes have been removed. The recommended deployment would be to pair with a standard X wing. To provide fighter cover while the standard x wing engages capital scale targets with its torpedoes. Or deployed as a dedicated dog fighter, especially against targets who rely heavily upon shields due to low hull ratings, as the Ion cannon penetrate shields

The Rebel Alliance is experimenting with small numbers of these craft for special mission roles. Due to the intensive retooling we do here at Omars, these ships will only be offered in small quantities. Every system on every ship is thoroughly tested, Every ship comes with a complimentary deluxe survival and standard tool kit.

Game Notes Due to the extensive planning and retooling of these craft they are easier to maintain than a standard X-wing. Parts are easy to find, and reliable.  The Sluissi, and Verpine were the designers of this modification, and every detail of the ships engineering has been checked for flaws and corrected. Technicians receive +2 pips to all repair rolls while fixing these craft. These craft can stay in the field 25% longer and need less maintenance after combat than a standard X-wing. But modification attempts suffer a -1D due to the lack of room.
Mission Profile and Design Considerations:

The 'Wolf' was designed to be a dedicate starfighter. It excels at engaging fighters and other small ships. The 4 light ion cannon, allow a wider deployment, as they are able to disable enemy craft for capture and questioning.  The 'Wolf' is ill equipped to take on larger capital scale targets, due to the removal of the proton torpedoes, but can take on scouting missions in hostile territory with a higher survivability rate than an A-wing. The ion cannon are the same model used in the Y-wing, and are retractable.  The reside in the space freed up by the removal of the proton  torpedoes.  They are also more cost effective, due to the removal of the R2 unit, as all droid related services are not needed.  The ships can also enter combat faster, as the pilot does not have to wait for an R2 unit to be installed.  The draw back with this system is there is no way to do repairs during combat.

4 Laser Cannon [fire linked]
4 Light Ion Cannon [fire linked]
Fire Arc
Fire Arc Front
Starfighter Gunnery
Skill Starfighter Gunnery
Scale Starfighter
Crew Pilot Crew Pilot
Fire Control
Fire Control 3D+1
Space Range
Space Range 1-3/7/36
Atmos. Range
100-300/1.2/2.5 km
Atmos. Range 100-300/700/3.6 km
Damage 6D [4D if fired separately] Damage 5D [3D if fired separately]
Notes Retractable
Targeting Jammer
Fire Arc
Skill Sensors
Scale Starfighter
Crew Pilot
Fire Control 0
Space Range 1-3/7/15
Atmos. Range 100-300/700/1.5 km
Damage -2D to enemy fire control


Stats are property of Scott Murphy; Graphic is property of Phil Rivera; Format by Tim Salam.







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