modified X-wing
250,000 [retooled]
space superiority fighter
1 week
12.5 meters
Nav Computer
astromech droid [10 jumps]
1 [astromech droid can coordinate]
110 kilograms


Art Work by: Scott "Jade" Murphy

Stats by: Scott "Jade" Murphy

Passive 20/0D
Scan 50/2D
Search 100/2D+2
Focus 5/3D+1
Capsule: "Pirate" This variation of the X-wing is available in very limited quantities. The engines have been completely replaced and upgraded to provide more speed, and a larger more efficient power source. Due to the size of the power source, some maneuverability was lost. Two laser cannon are added to the nose in pods.  The laser cannon are originally from captured tie fighters, and have worked well in this variant due to their small size. the main laser cannons have been replaced with 4 medium ion cannon. The proton torpedoes have been removed and a tractor beam installed, on a retractable turret mount.

This fighter has been completely overhauled and retooled by the technicians here at Omars. The only visually noticeable difference, are the two weapons pods on the nose of the craft. 100 hours of flight time is logged into each ship before it is delivered, making sure all systems are performing at peak levels. Meticulous detail has gone into this variant. These are the ships the are used by Omar, in his fleet.

The Rebel Alliance is experimenting with small numbers of these craft for special mission roles. Due to the intensive retooling we do here at Omars, these ships will only be offered in small quantities. Every system on every ship is thoroughly tested, and comes with a complimentary deluxe survival and standard tool kit. 

Game Notes Due to the extensive planning and retooling of these craft they are easier to maintain than a standard X-wing. Parts are easy to find, and reliable.  The Sluissi were the designers of this modification, and every detail of the ships engineering has been check for flaws and corrected. Technicians receive +2 pips to all repair rolls while fixing these craft. +1D to the forward lasers, as the pod design makes repair and maintenance easier.  These craft can stay in the field 25% longer and need less maintenance after combat than a standard X-wing. But modification attempts suffer a -1D due to the lack of room.
Mission Profile and Design Considerations:

The Pirate was designed to attack and disable starfighters and other small ships, for the purpose of taking the target intact, either for interrogation, or piracy of the vessel.  Omars defense fleet consists of 2 wings of these ships. In larger numbers these craft are a real menace to any ship, as the ion cannons ignore all shields. The 'tie' lasers on the front were placed close together near the cockpit to give the pilot pin point accuracy to disable specific parts of a ship [see ship targeting on the database].  The tractor beam can be used to improve the targeting by holding a ship, or towing, a disabled ship.  The sensors have been boosted to make it easier for pilots to choose the best targets.  Alone these ships are not suited to take on capital targets, but together they are a real menace.  They can hold their own in a dogfight, but the decreased maneuverability makes them a little more susceptible to Tie Fighter attack, to compensate the shields are boosted.

4 Medium Ion Cannon [fire linked]
2 Laser Cannon [fire linked]
Fire Arc
Fire Arc Front
Starfighter Gunnery
Skill Starfighter Gunnery
Scale Starfighter
Crew Pilot Crew Pilot
Fire Control
Fire Control 4D
Space Range
Space Range 1-3/12/25
Atmos. Range
100-300/700/3.6 km
Atmos. Range 100-300/1.2/2.5 km
Damage 6D [4D if fired seperately] Damage 5D [4D if fired separately]
Tractor Beam [retractable, under nose of craft]
Fire Arc
Turret 270 degrees (front)
Skill Starfighter Gunnery
Scale Starfighter
Crew Pilot
Fire Control 2D
Space Range 1-3/12/25
Atmos. Range 100-300/1.2/2.5 km
Damage 2D


Stats and Graphic are property of Scott Murphy; Format by Tim Salam.







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