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Teaching from 04.03.07
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Teaching of Tathagata - 04.03.07

The most important thing in life is that we recognize what is inside ourselves.
Let's study in this class how we will be able to realize them.

During my travelling for 5 weeks in America I met lots of people who were very famous for their studies. Throughout the meetings with them I really felt the limitation of human's knowledge. I clearly pointed out things as they were and explained to them with many examples but they did not realize what I showed. What I said seemed totally unfamiliar to them.

If you listen to the cd* very carefully and observe our conversation in those meetings I believe that you will easily understand what I say now. In order to know the world you should not depend on your thinking. I asked a biologist who was a professor in Cal Tech, "How much percent do you understand about what you teach ?" He answered with a smile "Maybe 5 percent..." but he corrected quickly. "Maybe less than 1 percent.." I suggested to him " I can help you to achieve up to 80% of understanding within 2 years, will you accept my proposal ?" He said "No." Do you know why ? He has been studying that for 30-40 years, but he knew he learned very little. He could not agree with my proposal. I explained to him about the process. When you start to learn maths you should learn numbers first, from 1 to 10. Secondly, you need to learn how to calculate, that is a formula. Third, you learn how to see the question by the cases.

Afterwards everything becomes simple. Like this, when we try to understand things in the world the principle is the most important. You can not see anything if you do not know how a question is formed. That's why I kept questioning to them, "What principle do you use in searching the matter, in confirming it and in teaching it ?" Nobody could answer properly to this question. And this is the reality of today's world. Although we are a small group and small numbers of people, what we are doing is not so light. We failed to persuade people in this trip but you will realize that our knowledge and information is superior to any other intellectual groups in the whole world. Our members who have been studying here for a long time are very smart.

As long as you have a connection with me you can not be bankrupted. If you don't act what makes you fail it doesn't happen. This is the law of the world. This is the law of cause and occasions. Fate will be opened from every links you are related to. What happens in the world opens the door of the world. When we know these cases we can live freely in every ways we want. This is a very simple truth of the world. A simple truth means something as it really is.

*Tathagata records all his meetings and members can listen to them on CD