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Teaching from 25.02.07
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Teaching of Tathagata - 25.02.07

When you come to this meeting you should have a clear purpose. Otherwise it will not be so helpful to both of us. We haven't met for 45 days during my travelling. I would like to emphasise that you need to try more to know how things happen inside of you. We visited almost ten top universities in U.S. such as Princeton, Harvard, Yale, MIT, Cal Tech, Berkeley, Stanford, Colombia, USA and NYU,etc. Those are some of the best universities in the world. We recorded more than 30 meetings with the professors in a variety of studies. When you listen to our conversation you may easily understand the difference in the result of learning from them and from me. I never met anyone who understood properly about what they learned or what they had been teaching. Even the scientist who won the best scientist prize in the world did not understand the substance in his paper. I also met many scientists who study gravity. No one knew the substance of gravity, including some researchers in NASA. In order to meet them I studied gravity for 30 minutes, but when I met them I said " I searched for your specialty for 2 hours."

Of course, someone of them regarded me as a crazy man.
It was when I met a philosopher who taught at Princeton University.
I told him" You probably never met a person like me."
He quickly responded "No, I did. But he was a schizophrenic." And he drove us out roughly.
This is very important.
If I speak slightly wrong I am easily treated as an abnormal person.
A scientist who studies gravity said that every substances of gravity will be revealed soon and they measured the gravity through a lot of collision experiments.
Gravity is not seen with our naked eyes and can not be measured by scientific instruments as well.
What they do is no more than a pressure test.
I always learn rather more than I teach through my travelling.
All of them were too busy to listen to me. Meeting time was very short so I didn't have enough time to tell them something important.
Some scholars were arrogant. Then I asked them.
"How would you explain what you searched so that people understand easily ? What principle will you use for explanation ?"
They could not answer.
I asked one philosopher. "Do you know what is the definition of philosophy ?"
He said that he never thought about that.
It meant he did not know any meaning of what he had learned and had been teaching.
I had a little talk with a student in economics department.
"How much do you spend for your courses ?"
He said "I need $43,000 per year. In my case, I spend $47,000 because my family is in LA."
"What did you become to know after spending such a huge amount of money?"
"Nothing really. I don't think I learn much."
"Then why do you go to school ?"
"I need a certificate. My degree will be helpful for my job and marriage as well."
Those students learn just words without any principle or questions.
They learn how to make their own words and they will teach the next generation.
In this way human's consciousness becomes worse.

They never wanted to meet me if I introduce myself as an Enlightened Being. I introduced myself as the best expert of all the parts of studies except mathematics and languages.
I saw the world of their studies from time to time in order to meet those experts.
I became to understand the world soon after my observation for 30 minutes.
I could solve very easily those riddles that the human world could not solve for thousands of years..
I failed to teach them what I saw as they did not give me any chance, but this travel contributed us to understand more this world.
Today in America, the hottest issue is global warming. The temperature of the earth surface is increasing . This problem came from a change of gravity field.
Scientists do not know the basic step of this phenomenon.
How gravity was formed ?
How can the formed gravity preserve itself ?
How gravity loses itself ?
What circumstance destroys the balance of gravity ?
What is the role of gravity on the ecosystem ?...etc.
Those scientists who I met did not have any knowledge about above questions.
Some of them said "Nobody knows"
The earth is run by a perfect science.
It reacts precisely by a slight change.
During my meetings with the scientists I confirmed that my prediction about the end of the world was accurate.
Well, in this situation the important thing is your decision. Will you save yourself or kill yourself ? Will you remain yourself forever or will you die forever?
Everything in the world has been decided.
You can save yourself through your knowledge of the world only. Otherwise you will kill yourself.
There are two major powers to lead this world to the end.
They are religion and universities.
Nevertheless, I do not have other places to visit and talk.
If you want to know, learn from a knowing person. If not, learn from a man who does not know.
The principle of the world is so simple.