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Teaching of Tathagata - 26.11.06

26 Nov. 2006 (After his travel to Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia for three weeks),

The most fundamental thing that you should know in your living is how the things in the world are fixed.
All of the things in the world have been determined by one principle. This is the secret that makes everything come into existence.
What does the principle mean?
The principle is that you are to do something endlessly due to your 'motae' which was composed entirely of what happened to you.
Then, what do I mean by what happened to oneself?
For example, if you add red colour into white you will find changed colour, then put black on that,and there will be a different colour.
A kind of material transforms by what is in it when they meet certain conditions. Humans spirit is the same as this.
All the phenomena appears by what was in your life.
People do not think much of my perfect Enlightenment. I myself do not have actual feeling from time to time.

Enlightenment means opening one's eye to the things in the world. Tathagata is the being who opened his eye completely to the world. He is the being who attained a perfect Enlightenment.
Meanwhile, when you can recognise something from learning you are in the state of awareness of something through a certain thing.

When I say that I see and know, it means I realise something.
A few days ago, I have heard that there was a Supreme Master TV in U.S.and they make programs of enlightened masters. I would like to send my disciple to them and have an interview with them. She will tell them the definition of Enlightenment. If they ask her 'Can you distinguish the enlightened one from the not enlightened one?',she will answer, 'Yes, I can. Since I have learned from the master of Supreme Enlightenment, I can tell you what the enlightened being can see.'

Here is something that you can hardly understand. These days there are lots of people who say that they are enlightened. The real enlightened one must see the things in the world. For example, everybody wishes to be happy. The real enlightened one explains this matter in this way. Where the happiness is. What happiness is. What is the way to happiness. What is the cause to lead you to the goal of happiness. The Enlightenment teacher must see things in this way. Otherwise, we can not agree with his claim of Enlightenment.

Somebody who sits in the house can know what happens outside. The enlightened one is not a being like him. The enlightened one can know only when he sees. Some people can tell what is behind the wall without seeing. It is possible for them since one spirit or many of them have entered their body. The spirits see and inform to living people who are possessed by them. They can read other people's mind. Mediums and fortune-tellers do this. In Korea, among the Buddhist monks who are known as the enlightened, there are lots of monks who show this ability.

The gods, we call them as spirits, ghosts or dead souls, are in the condition that the consciousness of the dead attaches on energy. The gods can see and recognise something, but they can not express or receive on their own because they do not have the body of life. The energy without the body of life can't do anything. We have a number of farmers among our members. However you pray hard to have god's help, it is impossible for gods even with big power to remove one root of grass.

The floating energy does not have its own body. That's why they can read other's minds.
They can see these things but they can't see what is in truth. The world is operated by the things in truth. Then, what are in truths ? They are the causes which come to the origins of phenomena. Every phenomenon that appears in the world has it's own cause. Phenomenon can be seen through your eyes. Green leaves in summer time turn red in autumn.

So you can tell who is enlightened or not when you have a little of knowledge. However since people in this era do not have such knowledge they cannot see things in the phenomena. That's why they are wandering all the time.