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The Tipton Amateur Radio Society was formed in January of 1990, in HERB Harrington's Garage / HAM Shack, located in Tipton County, Covington, TN. We are a very small club and participate in A.R.E.S., R.A.C.E.S. and the Military Affiliate Radio Service (MARS). We also provide Volunteer Examiner testing, WCARS VE's, the first Saturday in every quarter at the Atoka City Hall, Atoka, TN. Our meetings are held on the third of Monday of each month at the Atoka City Hall, 400 Atoka Munford Road, Atoka, TN., at 7:00 PM. Our A.R.E.S. Net is held every Thursday evening at 7:00 PM on the 145.490 -600 Repeater System,
President:                     John Wingard                   N4NKG
Vice President:             Nathan Turner                  KJ4GZB
Secretary / Treasurer:  Ronnie Willard                 WA4RW
Director at Large:        Jim Watson                       AF4WQ
ARES/ RACES             Bill Hughes                        KI4BIY    
Membership is  $25.00  for one HAM in the Family.
                       $30.00  for more than one HAM in
                                   the SAME Family.
Membership dues are due on the first of January of each year. There are no discounts for partial year memberships.
HOW TO APPLY: Come to the monthly meeting or contact the Secretary via SNAIL MAIL at
Tipton Amateur Radio Society
250 Leolard Lane
Brighton, TN 38011
and request a membership application.