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Hi Everyone!   

Again, it's been way too long since my last update! 

Sweet William is no longer a baby!
At almost three years old, weighs 125.5 pounds and is 29" at the really, really hurts when he steps on your toe!  In case you weren't certain, that's my handsome newfie in the picture above.

Our latest news is that William is a cancer survivor.  He had a lump on his left foreleg that was recently removed and the vet said he thinks he got it all.  We have to watch the area closely now.  I'll be adding links to the report from the vet as well as any information I may come across on the subject.

Our most recent addition is Stanley Rogers Tweedler!  Stan joined us on the 4th of July, 2006.  We believe he was a refugee from the all the flooding we had here in the Southern Tier.  My husband had seen him out on our back porch a few times, and then on the 4th of July, Independence Day aptly enough, we found him hiding in our log pile outside.  I brought him in and gave him a bath (no bugs, thankfully).

My husband Lou actually suggested that "We don't need another cat."  So, I tried to find Stan a new home.  First my vet's assistant was going to adopt him, then changed her mind.  Then my boss was going to give him a home, and she changed her mind!  So, I believe it was meant to be.  As you can see, Stan is truly a member of the family.

By the way, his name is Stanley Rogers Tweedler because my husband is a big fan of folksinger Stan Rogers (now deceased) and a friend of mine told me about a band called "The Tweedlers."  The word "Tweedler" just struck me funny.  Three cheers for the randomness of life!

Belle, our Ragdoll, is big and beautiful and a good match for Stanley.  Belle is always looking for her tiara, but she hasn't found it yet. 

Sage continues to be the best doggie in the whole-wide-world! 
I can't believe she'll be 10 years old in June.    

I give up on growing out Terra's coat.  She will herewith be known as the afghan that looks more like linoleum.  No blanket on her body, just very, very short and untangled hair.  I have to believe that spaying her is what made her coat so difficult/impossible to maintain.   

Thanks again for stopping by, and please be sure to check out the rest of my website. 

Leave your paw print in the
sand.  Peace.
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