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Five great rules for a beautiful romantic relationship

        Dating is never that simple. Meeting people of the opposite sex and deciding if you want to further the relationship after several dates can cause headaches sometimes. Here are five simple yet basic rules one can apply when you decide to take that one step further and develop your relationship.



 Rule one: Be yourself

        Being yourself means behaving, communicating, and interacting in ways that are genuine for you. It also means reacting spontaneously in the moment, rather than from a pre-set list of rules like acting coy or with-holding information about yourself in order to make yourself more mysterious.

Rule two: If you like someone, let him know  

            Acting unattainable may cause the person you are dating to feel that you are not interested. Whatís there to lose by telling the person that you like him/her? If the person doesnít respond to your interest, it goes to show that he/ she may be just playing games or uninterested. If he/she does respond, you will know that you would like to get to know the person further.


Rule three: Ask questions before you get too involved

          Asking questions mean finding out more about your dateís family, his background, his ideas and his character. Many people make the mistake of not getting to know their date well before further developing the relationship. However, be tactful about the questions you ask.


Rule four: Be fair, don't practice double standards

        Treat your date the way you would like to be treated. Put yourself in his/her shoes. Donít practice double standards. If you go out with friends of the opposite sex, do not disallow this right to your date too. In this way, you learn to respect each other.


Rule five: Don't fall in love with a person's potential

           Be sure to know the person well and not fall in love with his/her exterior. Donít let material wealth or surface beauty sway your judgment of a personís character. Having feelings of ď I know he/she can be so much a better person if I change him.Ē is not right too. We should appreciate people for whom they are and not fall in love with who we think they can become. 



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Reference: The Real Rules- How to find the right person for the real you. By Dr. Barbara De Angelis, PH.D. New York Times #1 Best-selling Author.