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<<<<SOME TIPS>>>>

Stressed out and need to relax?
Having problems sleeping? 
Here's some basic tips, not only for Snakes, but also anyone who might find the information useful :)

Some general relaxation advice

Trouble sleeping?

Long hectic days can leave us all frazzled. After we have wrapped up a thousand details, fulfilled our commitments, endured interruptions and annoyances, or dealt with boredom and tedious chores we end the day only to look forward to the same thing tomorrow. It's no wonder we sometimes have trouble falling asleep.

When you can't sleep....don't put yourself in a frenzy.

Try these steps to relaxation and stress management!

1. Listen to music

2. Listen to an audio tape or video tape you enjoy

3. Clean out a drawer or closet

4. Water your house plants

5. Write a letter to a friend or relative

6. Write in your journal or diary

7. Plan your next vacation or party

8. Shop at a grocery store - some are open 24 hours

9. Visit Copymax - open 24 hours

10 Surf the Net

Some other handy tips--