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The road ahead is filled with unexpected twists and turns. There appears to be an unlucky star over Roosters this year - the Tai Sui star. At times a project which is close to completion may be hindered at the last minute, with something needing to be changed. If you're a married female Rooster, the domestic routine may get you down this year. Those born in 1969 should beware of rumours - they can cause business failures. The best thing you can do is to stay calm and make time to de-stress by doing your own thing". Try a relaxing new hobby. Spend time with friends - and above all, stop worrying. One in a thousand roosters will have a fantastically successful year. Could you be that one?


WORK The road ahead is rugged. For those born in 1945, it may seem that often wishes don't come true. But keep calm and stick to your goal, and there will be good results later in the year. Be very careful if you were born in 1933 - people may take advantage of you. But working overseas appears to be promising for Roosters this year.


MONEY This is not a good time for high risk business or gambling. For those born in 1957, you may get cheated if you are not careful, so be on your guard. Don't take risks against the law.


HEALTH Those born in 1921 may experience a series of minor aches and pains. Eat and rest well. All Roosters should beware of traffic accidents (especially if you were born in 1981). Roosters also need to watch out for accidents that involve water and fire.


LOVE and FAMILY If you're a single female Rooster, you'll have a flock of admirers after you this year. Enjoy yourself by all means, but be careful not to let people take advantage of you. The relationships may seem hot at first, but they'll only fizzle out if you take things for granted. Married Roosters may feel a bit bored and irritated by their partners. Make the extra effort to care for each other and be considerate so as to prevent further disagreements.


Compatible love partners : Dragon, Ox, Snake

Not compatible in love : Rabbit

Compatible in business : Snake, Dragon, Ox