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Steady, stable fortune lies ahead - especially if you're a female Dog. Married women will play a large part in keeping their family stable and harmonious. Single female Dogs will be admired at work - they'll also have plenty of new boyfriends and may even meet Mr Right (especially if you were born in 1970 or 1958). At work, male and female Dogs will find progress slow but steady. But those born in 1922 will not be as lucky. They should be on the alert for possible cheats, burglary and property losses at the end of the year.


WORK Businessmen will enjoy better prospects this year. It will be beneficial to your career if you are able to change with the times, and adapt to new situations. Be open to new ideas and suggestions. Work conscientiously, and you can achieve good results. Those born in 1982 will do well in studies. Avoid arguing with your schoolmates and friends. Work looks good for Dogs born in 1970.


MONEY You will have better income this year. However, avoid spending money lavishly, and do not expect too much easy money" from unusual sources. Those born in 1934 must be careful with your money or you will suffer losses. Dogs born in 1946 will get some good returns from investments.


HEALTH Health is below average. You may feel tired - especially if you were born in 1946. Rest and exercise more, and you will feel better. If you were born in 1982, give that rock-climbing holiday a miss - your stars show you may fall from a high place this year. Those born in 1922 ought to beware of liver and heart problems.


LOVE and FAMILY This is a lucky year in terms of relationships for those born in 1958. Married couples will enjoy a great year of marriage. Singles will have plenty of opportunities to meet new friends, and may even have a hard time deciding on a right partner!


Compatible love partners : Horse, Tiger, Rabbit

Not compatible in love : Dragon

Compatible in business :Tiger, Horse