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Traffic Accidents

This is perhaps the most avoided topic amongst drivers…”touch wood!”  yeah we all dread the idea of even getting into an accident.  But the important issue here is: what should you do if you really got into an accident?  You cannot just walk away pretending nothing had happened?  But it’s going to cause unnecessary panics if you do not know “what next?”

Accidents with serious injuries:

1.         Send or call for help as soon as possible.

2.         Help the casualty only if you are trained to do so.

3.         Inform the police.

4.         Do not remove vehicle without police permission, unless extremely necessary to do so, such as to extricate a trapped casualty, prevent a fire, or to reduce serious road hazard caused by the accident.

5.         Remain at the scene, unless you are injured as well.

6.         Take down the following details:

a) date and time of accident

b) place of accident

c) weather condition and visibility

d) road surface: wet/ dry/ oily/ sandy/ etc.

e) particulars of any eye-witnesses such as name, address, phone, etc.

f) extent of damage to vehicle (take pictures if possible)

g) particulars of other vehicle such as licence plate number, make and model, driver’s contact number, policy number, etc.

h) name of police officer investigating

Note: For accidents with minor injuries, bring casualty to a private doctor.  It is not necessary to call the police or ambulance service.

Accidents with no injuries:

1.         Stop and switch on hazard lights.

2.         Quickly move vehicles aside if they are causing obstructions or danger to others.

3.         Exchange particulars with the other party.

4.         Report accident to the police only if particulars have not been exchanged.

5.         Take note of accident site.

6.         File claims with vehicle’s insurance company if necessary.