• Scott Mitchell – Vocals
  • Paul J. Hall – Guitars
  • Mark McCullough – Bass
  • Andy Kuhar – Drums

How easy is it to define your own band? Here’s an honest attempt… Switch started off as a typical rock band. After a couple months writing we came up with a few things that began to define a “new” sound. Within this sound, our objective was to do something different, incorporating energy, groove and power. Switch music has indeed begun to develop into a unique form- a highly energetic and melodic mix that appeals to many styles of music. What more, as a product of this evolvement has come a high degree of dynamic variations, as evident within the music. We like what we are doing with the music, and hopefully you can enjoy it also. We’re trying… to learn, to create, to become the music. It is, at times, a hard path to walk. But no matter what path we choose, we are in constant pursuit of the truth of music and ourselves. As a band we have decided that we want to write quality songs that are fun to play, fun to hear, and in turn creates an environment that inspires us. This is what we give to you. Our music. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed creating it. We also hopes it kicks your ass. Enjoy.