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A Little About Us ?

Hello, I'm Wayne and I live on the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. I'm 46 years old and have been living in the Hawaiian Islands for 33 years. I'm of English, French and Native American decent. For work, I've been a masonry contractor for most of my life but only part time now due to a back injury. Now, I work as the manager of our family owned office building we built in '83. I'm also a Certified Hazardous Materials Risk Assessment Inspector/Investigator. I have a house on 3 acres of coconut trees(250 trees). The land is on the edge of the rain forest on Hualalai Volcano where I live with my better half, Lorelei and our son Shawn. Lorelei has lived here for about 14 years and works for the local newspaper, when she's not working she's at the beach. Shawn is 14 years old, an honor student, skateboarder, bodyboarder, snowboarder, and an allaround good kid. We enjoy going to the beaches, 4 wheeling, bodyboarding (in my younger days, when dinosaurs roamed the earth as Shawn says, I was ranked in the top 10 pro bodyboarders in the world) , camping, hiking and our yearly snow skiing vacation (last feb., two weeks in Banff). The other two members of our family are BoBo the cat and Waldo the wonder dog (3 legged). I've been driving and working on jeeps for over 30 years. I'd like to showoff my current CJ-5, "PYRO II". This is my 5th jeep over all these years (my '90 XJ Sport is #6) and probably not my last. Pyro was rebuilt in the summer of '98 and is an ongoing project (are'nt they all). I started with a bare frame and alot of parts I've collected over the years. Before the rebuild, the Jeep was in very poor shape, the body, interior and rollcage were the only parts I reused. All the work was done by myself at home with online help from people like you. If you have any questions or comments keep they to yourself ! ! ......... no, just kidding, I'm always ready to help follow Jeepers so Email me..