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Nijmegenstraat 43, Curacao Netherlands Antilles

Tel: 5999- 4655400, Fax: 5999- 4655662 Cel: 5999- 6666794

email: sunlee@bizland.com

sun-thu: 8:30am~10:00pm

fri-sat: 8:30am~3:00am

karaoke night


Once again we thank all the participants who contribute to our beer contest.

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The first, second and third prize winner.

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Darts contest sponsored by Curacao Casino Resort with more than US$300 in prizes

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Darts game is not only for big boys. See our female winners.

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Curacao Casino Resort now under new management of Mr. Gilles Oliveri will start with a series of attractive events. One of them is the "let's meet" party in Sun Lee.

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Mr. Gilles enjoys the party's atmosphere and announces an extra instant prize of Nafl 200,- He really has fun with our visitors.

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30 oct. 1999: 扮鬼扮馬 party. This guy has failed with his idea, because nobody is scared of his make-up. Even he get a comment that he looks greater with this mask!!


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