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We use only the fresh ingredients in our cooking.  Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. We can cook our dishes the degree of spiciness will be prepared as desired.  Please specify your special requests when you order.

Want to eat something different?  We can take "Custom Order" Just tell us what you like and how you want your dish cooked.  




Dim Sum is one of the Chef Lai's favorite specialties. With more than 15 years experience,

 Sun Lee is the only place for real Hong Kong style Dim Sum.

叉燒包  Steamed BBQ Pork Buns    千層糕  Sesame Pudding    雞包仔  Steamed Chicken Buns

連蓉包  Lotus Nut Paste Buns    臘腸卷  Sausage Buns    咸水角  Fried Mix Dumplings

芝麻酥  Fried Sesame Dumplings    煎蘿白糕  Fried Turnip Cake    春卷  Spring-rolls

煎腸粉  Fried Rice Noodles    馬拉糕  Waterchessnut Cake    糯米包  Sweet Rice Dumplings

珍珠雞  Mixed Stuffed Sweet Rice    魚翅餃  Shark Fin Dumplings    蝦餃  Shrimp Dumplings

干蒸牛肉  Steamed Beef Dumplings    豉汁排骨  Spare Ribs in B/B Sauces

西菜牛肉  Beef Balls with Watercress    豉椒鳳爪  Chicken Feet in B/B Sauces

鮮竹卷  Thin Skin Filled with Pork Meat    鮮竹牛肉  Steamed Beef Meat Ball


蟹肉香茜餃  Crab Dumplings    干蒸燒賣  Pork Dumplings    蝦米腸  Dry Shrimp Rice Noodles

牛肉腸粉  Beef Rice Noodles    叉燒腸  Pork Rice Noodles    鮮蝦腸  Fresh Shrimp Rice Noodles

北菇燒賣  Black Mushroom Dumplings    百花饟青椒  Stuffed Green Pepper

鮮蝦雲吞  Wonton Soup    龍蝦水餃  Lobster Soup    干炒牛河  Beef Ho Fan

立什炒麵  Mix Chow Mien    

    Dim Sum price range US$ 1.00~3.00 excl. gourv. tax.

We are pleased to share with you the Hong Kong custom for placing good food as life's top priority with our meticulous preparation and service of Chinese grande cuisine.

    Chef Lai is from the Hong Kong and Canton regions, known for world-class grande cuisine and empahsis on top-quality, fresh ingredients.  But spicy Szechuan dishes and Crackling Peking Duck are also specialties of our master chefs from Hong Kong.



燒金豬 Roasted Pork Belly    燒鴨 Roasted Duck

蜜糖叉燒  Honey Favored Grilled Pork Loin    炒排骨 Fried Spare Ribs

燒排骨  Roasted Spare Ribs    煎饟豆腐.Stuffed Tofu (Soy Bean Curd) 

 蠔油豆腐 Tofu in Oyster Sauce    百花饟北菇  stuffed Chinese Mushroom

    蝦球炒西芹 Stirfried Shrimps with Seldery    粟米斑片  Grouper with Sweetcorn

 三鮮炒荷蘭豆 Stirfried Seafood with Sweetpeas    清炒油菜  Plain Stirfried Chinese Vegetable 

饟青椒Stuffed Paprika    鮮尤炒勝瓜 Stirfried Squid with Green Cucumber

 腰果炒肉丁 Stirfried Pork with Cashew Nuts    雙菇炒肉片Stirfried Beef with 2 Types of Mushrooms

涼瓜炒肉片  Stirfried Beef with Bittermelon    米粉絲什菜煲  Dried Shrimp and Chop Choy in Pan

西湖牛肉羹 Beef and Sweetcorn Soup (thick)     粟米魚肚牛肉羹 Sweetcorn,Fish Belly & Beef soup (thick)

揚州窩面 Yang Chou Soup Niidle in Bowl    海鮮豆腐湯   Beef with Soup Noodle in Bowl

海鮮豆腐湯  Seafood Tofu Soup    時菜肉片湯  .Season Vegetable & Beef Soup 

榨菜肉片湯  Hot Preserved Vegetable &Beef Soup    雞蓉粟米湯 Chicken Sweetcorn Soup

什錦冬瓜湯  Mixed Delicacy & Wintermelon Soup    西皮蛋肉絲湯  Preserved Egg, Beef Seldery Soup

 肉片鮮菇豆腐湯 Beef, Mushroom & Tofu Soup    燒味拼盤 Mixed Roasted Platter 

炸子雞 Deep Fried Crispy Chicken    炸雞翼 Fried Chicken Wings in Soybean Sauce

 豉汁蒸排骨 Steamed Pork Ribs in Black Bean Soy     中式牛柳 Chinese Style Beef Tenderloin   

 洋蔥青椒炒牛肉 Stirfried Beef with Onion & Paprika     豉椒炒牛肉 Beef in Black Bean Sauce 

豉汁牛柏葉 Intestines (Beef) in Black Bean Sauce     時菜牛肚 Season Vegetable with Intestines(Beef) 

茄子雞蛋炒牛肉 Stirfried Beef with Tomatoes & Eggs     咸魚蒸豬肉 Steamed Salted Fish & Lean Pork Meat

 雞柳香菇炒菜花 Stirfried Chicken Breast with Mushroom & Broccoli    椒鹽蝦 Pepper Spicy Shrimps 

豉汁蒸明蝦 Steamed Shrimps in Black Bean Sauce     西汁炒明蝦 Stirfried Shrimps in Delicacy Sauce 

    肉絲扒鵪蛋 Lapwing Eggs with Stirfried Beef    什錦會魚  Fried Fish covered with Delicacy 

 順利炒飯  Sun Lee Fried Rice     揚州炒飯  Yang Chou Fried Rice

 海鮮炒飯Seafood Fried Rice    牛肚河粉  Beef Belly with Broad Soup Noodle 

雲吞河粉  Wanton Broad Soup Noodle    魚旦河粉 Fish Balls Broad Soup Noodle

 時菜河粉 Season Vegetable Broad Soup Noodle 

火腿旦河粉 Ham & Egg Soup Broad Noodle    牛柏葉河粉  Intestine (Beef) Broad Soup Noodle 

午餐肉旦河粉.Luncheon Meat & Egg Broad Soup Noodle     沙爹牛肉河粉 Sate & Beef Broad soup Noodle 

吉列豬扒河粉  Pork Cutle Broad Soup Noodle  

Dishes price range US$ 6.00 ~ 15.00 excl. Gourv. Tax

Wine and Liquor


 Good wine is a natural partner to good food.  For that, we select only the best quality for our wine list.



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