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About us

We are a group of friends who have a common interest in South Africa. We have either lived in South Africa or have some passion for South Africa. Many still have relatives in South Africa or have some business interest. We get together for drinks every last Tuesday evening of the month at the Hackney Hotel, 95 Hackney Rd, Hackney, Adelaide. We meet from 6:00 p.m. onwards. Everyone is welcome to come along and newcomers to Adelaide will find this a pleasant environment to make new friends and contacts. Please note, this is not a formal event and all you have to do, is to find a group of friendly faces around a table. The South African Network also arranges at least three or four functions a year, where the whole family can get together for a braai, potjie or something similar. These functions are usually well supported and should not be missed.



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Other interesting sites


  Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie - vreemdeling in jou eie land - staan op jou regte

 Johannesburg Stock Exchange

 Australian Stock Exchange

 Adelaide - Make the Move

 Jobs in Australian newspapers - Seek

 Careerjet - employment search engine

 South Africans in Adelaide on Facebook

 SA Australia - Discussion forums with heaps of good information

 Information for migrants about obtaining work in Australia

 Immigration to South Australia

 How to save money when buying a car in Adelaide

 Price guide for new cars and value guide for used cars

 Adelaide median house prices

 General information and calculators for mortgages in Australia

 South African High Commission in Australia

 Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) ... S'Africans who are living temporarily abroad can now vote

 South African Dept. of Home Affairs/Binnelandse Sake

 South African Citizenship information

 South African birth registration information

 Australian Government - Dept of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMA)

 Government of South Australia

 Australian Commonwealth Government

 Afrikaanse Musiek Radiostasie op die Internet -

 Planeet Wyn


 Australian Slang

 South Africans NORTWEST

 South Africa Club - Phoenix, Arizona

 The only TV to watch!

 5EBI 103.1 FM is Adelaide's premier multicultural radio station

 AmaBoston, USA

 The Advertiser - Adelaide news

 IOL for the latest news in South Africa


 Currency Converter

 Afrikaanse Klub AustraliŽ

 Afrikaanse kerkdienste in Adelaide

 Die Afrikaanse Klub van Nieu-Seeland

 City of Adelaide

 Become an Australian citizen

 Australian Electoral Commission

 Medicare - Australia's universal health insurance program

 Centrelink - Australian Government Agency - supporting those in need (some services to people recently moved to Australia)

 Australian Taxation Office


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Contact Information

The South African Network

Fred de Zeeuw Tel: +61 8 8449-6213(a/h), Brigitte Matthews Tel: +61 8 8271-7548(a/h), Ron van Niekerk Tel: +61 8 8234-1499(w)

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Current Activities

 Current activities - Huidige aktiwiteite. - 2009

Year 2009 Contribution

Once again we would like to remind you to send us your $20.00 contributions. This money is used to cover the cost of our mailings, which includes photocopying, envelopes and stamps. Please don't send a cheque but mail to us the equivalent in 45c stamps or give name1 or name2 cash when you see them at any one of our functions


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More about Adelaide

Adelaide is the capital South Australia. It is an elegant city featuring traditional stone architecture and wide encircling parklands. The city was designed by Colonel William Light in 1836. He laid his city out on a square mile grid pattern of wide streets and airy squares with a buffer zone of green parklands encircling it. South Australia lies approximately between the 26th and 38th Parallels of latitude and the 129th and 141st meridians of east longitude. Adelaide has a population of just over 1 million. Adelaide has a Mediterranean type climate with warm dry summers and cool winters. The average rainfall is 585mm annually and it generally falls between the months of May and August. Long periods of continuous rain are rare. The mean maximum temperatures range from between 29.6 degrees Celsius in January and 15.0 degrees Celsius in July.


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