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Photo Album
Family & Friends
My parents Ed and June Veal
My brother Ken
My sister Janie with her husband Rod and daughter Emily
My niece Leta
My great-niece Sophia (1)
My great-niece Sophia (2)
My great-nephew John Edward
My nephew Daniel and niece Emily
My sister Katie with her son Bryan
My nieces Dacey and Bekah
Becky Thomson
John Thomson with Justice and Alex McLeod
Alex and Justice McLeod
Sean Thomson
Mike, Linda and Peter Jencevice
Pete Sleight, Jim Ditkoff and Renny Scott
George and Libby Pataki
Allison, Ericka, Rosemary and Jack Dunn
Virginia Rulison, Bill Seil and Bruce Allardice
Tory Party Banquet, February 1999

For photos of my sister Janie Arndt's family, go to
Chicon 2000
Dr. Ben Bova, Author Guest of Honor
At Work at LoneStarCon (August 1997)
The First Chicon Members (LoneStarCon, August 1997)
Promoting Chicon
Chicon Committee Meeting, January 1999
Bob Eggleton's Hugo
Interviewing Bob Tucker
GoH's Waiting for the Show to Start
Meet the Pros, Thursday Evening
Bob Eggleton at Work
Worldcon Chairmen
Chicon Exhibits
Random Scenes (1)
Random Scenes (2)
Science Fiction Fandom
Westercon 1977
SMOFCon Con Suite, December 1998
SMOFCon Mixer, December 1998
Willie Siros and Richard Wright at SMOFCon, 1998
Memorial Party for Richard Wright, April 1999
Elizabeth "Dragon Lady" Warren, April 1999
Dick Spelman at Oasis, May 1999
Joe Siclari, Edie Stern & Carlos Perez, May 1999
Midwestcon Brunch, June 1999
EmpireCon Masquerade, July 1999
Fannish Tree, July 1999
Three Aussiecon Chairmen, August 1999
Regency Dancing at Conolulu, July 2000
"Prime Time Party" at Loscon, November 2000
Erle Korshak and Tom Veal, August 2001
Fan Exhibits at Millennium Philcon, August 2001
Windycon XXVIII, November 2001
Dina Krause and Family, November 2001
Loscon 28, November 2001
Loscon 28 "Prime Time Party", November 2001
Norwescon 25, March 2002
Conagerie (Westercon 55), July 2002
ConJosé (60th Worldcon), August 2002 (1)
ConJosé (60th Worldcon), August 2002 (2)
ConJosé (60th Worldcon), August 2002 (3)
ConJosé (60th Worldcon), August 2002 (4)
Midwest Construction, September 2002
Boskone 40, February 2003
Torcon 3 (61st Worldcon), August 2003 (1)
Torcon 3 (61st Worldcon), August 2003 (2)
Westercon 57, July 2004
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