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Ephemerides Table of Contents
June 2004 (Time for a change; the Tribune shoots down Jack Ryan; terrorism numbers corrected; the Sullivan defection; the reactionary future of the Greens; Saddam Hussein, al-Qa’eda and the Kerry campaign; losing Theresa Heinz-Kerry; the Reagan way to communicate; futile multilateralism; joking about John Kerry; Reagan on the quarter!; what Reagan wrought; undoing welfare reform; the Chalabi contretemps; poll anomaly in South Dakota; speed saves lives)
May 2004 (Iraq and the illusion of failure; vacation from the Internet; an alternate world of right-wing bias; WMD’s start turning up; Abu Ghraib confusions; oh, that liberal media; we get results (maybe); Abu Ghraib is not America; Germany and the U.N. in Kosovo; the state of the war; gasoline prices: the real trend; the NEA and Shakespeare nuttiness)
April 2004 (silly Internet games; undistracted America; Mrs. Clinton to the Arabs; Al Hunt’s wishful thinking about Iraq; Shakespeare’s birthday; a Bush campaign faux pas; my moment on the BBC; Shakespeare nuttiness in Instapundit’s back yard; worthwhile Al Hunt column; FAA: don’t screen Mohammed Atta; Al Hunt on Democratic Veeps; Kerry’s non-plan for Iraq; a self-inflicted Western wound, 800 years ago; “The Victims of George W. Bush”: a late thought; what the President was told; alternative histories of 9/11; Kerry’s chance for a Sister Souljah moment; stupidity from Tim Russert; Condoleeza Rice and al-Qa’eda; Kerry and the Islamofascists; the transition marathon and 9/11; no honor for 9/11 prophet; repackaging “Bush Lied!”; tax cuts for whom?; the manifest evil of Daylight Saving Time; medical care; consider the free market; a Shakespeare story for All Fools’ Day)
March 2004 (Kerry on energy: an adventure in Unreality; God and patriotism; Al Hunt, Mel Gibson and Jesus Christ; New Year in Gondor; Richard Clarke, moonbat; death of a terrorist and Western frivolity; marginal tax rates: the empirical evidence; Al Hunt on flip-flopping; “impossible” survival; “politics of personal destruction” in Illinois; Kerry: tax hikes first, American soldiers second; “pushing friends away”?; “On Hearing That Spain Has Capitulated to the Terrorists”; autos and Shakespeare; outsourcing: creator of jobs in America; more on foreign leaders for Kerry; unilateralism as the only option; defeat in Spain; al-Qa’eda’s Spanish strategy; Kerry vs. the rest of the world; Paul Krugman and the Bush coup d’etat; John Kerry and Iran; 9/11 and abortion: a coincidence; Danger: immigrants work too hard; foreign leaders (secretly) for Kerry; refining the Marriage Amendment; the “jobless recovery” illusion; a Marriage Amendment for all; a military orphan on John Kerry)
February 2004 (Media bias, Swedish-style; the Federal Marriage Amendment and its distorters; Kerry’s liberal scorecard; the two Johns’ stupid protectionism; “black” heroes of British history; John Kerry as undergraduate politician; phony border statistics; judicial imperialism and the Marriage Amendment; Kerry’s “out-of-body experience” politics; free speech and section 527; an Islamofascist fellow traveler at Notre Dame; a new advance of freedom; Kerry and the Fairness Doctrine; Kerry in 1971: just a reporter?; no Presidents’ Day; an experiment in democracy; anti-Stratfordianism at The Weekly Standard; outsourcing and automation: bogeymen new and old; the past matters – and it doesn’t; academia’s “stupid party”; WMD’s in perspective; dredging up Kevin Phillips; the view from Tehran; learning from blogads; the victims of George W. Bush; Happy Birthday, President Reagan!; more back-and-forth about immigration; Stritmatter continued; the degeneration of vulgarity; Operation Bloggi Freedom; why did WMD’s matter?; “Do you know who I am?”)
January 2004 (Sampling John Kerry's eloquence; the future of the Democratic nomination race; the cost of sealed borders; great moments in culture; strange Chinese economic stats; where the WMD (probably) is; a new C. S. Lewis page;Dr. Dean departs; legalizing immigration vs. legalizing narcotics; nominees' backgrounds: the contrast between the parties; 99.99995% isn't safe enough?; Paul O'Neill and ghost's 15 minutes; oil on Mars: the latest Halliburton conspiracy theory; where to try Saddam; a plug for Seven Ages; immigration and religion; prudence in immigration reform - and imprudent reactions; queer priorities in Macedonia; Congressional tourists in Iraq; dulling down the conquest of Space; a Hugo Award recommendation)
December 2003 (Another round of the Plame game; return of the fuzzy Democrats; Tolkien, airport security and recollections of the undergraduate Kerry; Christ's progress in Red China; Saddam's honor; a multiculturally sensitive holiday greeting; marijuana and the Commerce Clause; the War on Terror: the end of the beginning?; quagmire in Chechnya; the silver lining in bad Medicare reform; Bush's unseemly candor; the new First Amendment hierarchy; Iraqi contracts and fair-weather allies; Robert Mugabe on the Internet; conspiracy theories in Florida; a dime for Ronnie; chemical weapons on the Iraqi front line; Lyndon LaRouche: your tax dollars at work; stem cell news that isn't fit to print; the survival of free speech; libertarians and same-sex marriage)
November 2003 (Clinton Hatred vs. Bush Hatred; not Yale football's best day; trouble ahead at home?; Saddam and Osama, Part 2; space elevators move up; Howard Dean: more chameleon than ideologue; Dubya in London; same-sex marriage and judicial restraint; Bush Hatred in Britain: two nations; the King Charles I Society; quiet Arabs and pro-jihadist Europeans; Saddam and Osama: portrait of a friendship; "Are You an Austrian?" & the dangers of organic foods; President Bush on freedom in Iraq; worse than Global Warming!; 90 years of tax lawmaking; Anglicanism's founder and the sanctity of marriage; a homosexual Anglican looks at the Robinson controversy)
October 2003 (Would a "plan" save Iraq?; the moral of the fire season; filioque news; a Shakespearian claimant examined; Iraq: prognosis vs. progress; terrorism and the Archbishop; a test of wills; French bashing à la Français; French imperialism; Democratic tax "reform"; the billy goat curse; Florida mythology; Limbaugh and the Drug Wars; Moslems as persecutors; more on the Kay report; uninsured by choice; the states: tax cuts and deficits; the new Democratic credo; Wilson vs. Plame; feminism and the military; painting French lilies; Saddam's WMD's; Clinton and the Terminator; Wilson vs. Wilson)
September 2003 (the Clinton-Clark way of war; fear of Palestinian fury; September 10th Americans vs. September 11th Americans)
August 2003 (those awful cash balance plans; a new strategy for Democrats)
July 2003 (the unGraying of California; hating Bush or hating victory?;"There once were some lies about Niger"; what the 9/11 commission will say; taunting the enemy; into Africa)
June 2003 (pensions in trouble; Grutter, Gratz and liberal bigotry; boys and boys together; the American Fifth Column; a reason for the roadmap?; liberalism as a form of mental illness?)
May 2003 (the WMD story; weak Europe, strong euro; the coming of the tax qadis; Germany vs. Poland - it's not 1939 any more; vouchers and madrassas; "Wild Bill" Bennett)
April 2003 ("Dumb" Santorum's dumber critics; non-citizen soldiers; forcing the U.N. on Iraq; Have we got a little list?; America-hatred: the new antisemitism; avoidable tragedies of war; too few troops in Iraq?)
March 2003 (a misconceived plan?; the Iraqi campaign: first thoughts; diplomatic failure?; Clinton's Carter envy; the emperor's new chains; a future with Saddam; bashing our allies; good-bye to Turtle Bay?)
February 2003 (false memories of McCarthyism; further thoughts on post-Iraq strategy; After Saddam: the real question; the Bush retirement savings package)
January 2003 (Who is "isolated"?; grade inflation at the U.N.; liberal appeals to racial bigotry; poetry in Motion; undoubling the corporate tax; Jiu-Jitsu George's economic plans; Idiotarian of the Year)
December 2002 (predictions for 2003; rallying around Patty; South Korea's political calculus; Krugman finds another conspiracy; no more Gore?; Lotts of folly; Mencken on Thurmond)
November 2002 (the shadow of the Roman Republic; the "bin Laden" tape; racism and vote fraud; the Gore Left and the anti-immigration Right; Don Rumsfeld on terrorism and poverty; the consultants' way of political war; post-election thoughts; Saddam's archbishop)
October 2002 (the fruits of Democratic "professionalism"; terrorism and the Chechen cause; Do only bigots fear Islam?; What does Europe have to say?; strange diversity; Impeach Bill Clinton!; listening to the Dow; the economy's ills)
September 2002 (passing Torricelli's torch; Tom Daschle goes mad; a narrow victory for our enemies; Herr Schröder's unapologetic apology; Germany's Cynthia McKinney; the end game in Iraq; a defense of Europe; heard on the "European street")
August 2002 (the "cowardly hawk" argument; defense, offense and freedom; Scowcroft's faux-politique; containing Saddam; the Saudis' strategy for survival; patriotism and corporate domicile)
July 2002 (the pro-regulation Dow?; a left-wing pipe dream of American decline; more on the ICC; a self-refuting case for the International Criminal Court; insider trading: a victim-friendly crime)
June 2002 (loony left Dems; the Ninth Circuit's old clothes; the President's plan for Palestine; Yale trustees and alumni democracy; Watergate's paradoxical legacy; civil liberties fantasia; sex abuse scandals: an anti-Catholic plot?; the energy lesson from California; Kyoto, steel and the stock market; Arafat's continued embrace of terrorism)
May 2002 (steel tariff backblast; the patriotic estate tax?; Eric Alterman, Nuremberg apologist; teen sex, human nature and the libertinarians; illegal pension generosity; a new Pearl Harbor myth?; the President and the IRS; statehood for Palestine?; Palestinian Studies at Berkeley; clueless Chris Patten; Pim Fortuyn and Europe's Moslem problem)
April 2002 (therapeutic cloning and the right to life; the balance in France; a boola boola election; polling for Allah; soaking the rich, plus some others; Arafat's pseudo-condemnation of terrorism; Cold War II?; "defiant" Israel; the non-threat to the ANWR caribou; "Loose lips sink ships"; Arafat's "government"; the Clintonista brigade; bye, bye, Sacajawea; Bill Clinton, April Fool)
March 2002 (the war's next phase; Paul Krugman and the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy; a shortage of allies?; airport insecurity; the Illinois governor's race: not quite hopeless?; libertarian realpolitik; "moral equivalency": the world record; checks, balances and Judge Pickering; wobbling on the war?; the Hispanic "threat" to the GOP; Jay Nordlinger on "moving on"; wishful thinking on the left; AIDS horrors in Red China; punishment for good deeds; useless cloning and dangerous alliances against it; a foot soldier in the war on terror; turning our backs on allied aid; ending hunger in North Korea)
February 2002 (directionless Daschle; the other terrorists; Danny Pearl's last words; metric martyrdom; running out of medicine; civilian casualties in Afghanistan: whose fault?; Springtime for antisemites; Is secular Islam our friend?)
January 2002 (more on liberal disaffection with the secret ballot; Arming America: an unnecessary war?; the paranoid style in liberal politics; single issue libertarians; the unfairness of not profiling; liberals' high-tech toys; Senator Daschle's economics; the Secret Service brouhaha; Happy New Europe?; more on the Australian fires)
December 2001 (year-end cautionary notes; terrorism in Australia?; Kwanzaa; "Person of the Year"; the new libertarians vs. the old; Professor Dershowitz and the bin Laden video; terrorism and religious faith; the Gore what-if and the Bush reality; baby steps toward a better Social Security System; Outrage of the Year - and how no one regards it as important; stimulus bill sausages; the passing of a "foe of sexuality"; a new front in the war; a classical precedent for the war against terrorism; our friends in Oregon)
November 2001 (Al Hunt's blood libel; bringing in the clones; responsibility for the recession; the Taliban try Bill Clinton's tactic; the Portland police department's secession from the U.S.; okay - one more word about Florida; military trials for terrorists; the last two words on the "recount"; linguistic guilt trips; advance of the Northern Alliance; follow-up on bigoted anti-bigotry; the Florida "recount" and evidence of where the real effort to deny voting rights came from; a more detailed analysis of the Clinton speech; media coverage of Clinton's anti-American diatribe; Bill Clinton on the "root causes" of terrorism; first anti-war protest sighting; making the secret ballot optional; Nicaragua's William Jennings Bryan; bigoted anti-bigotry; counter-Enlightenment vs. post-Enlightenment; "suppression" of left-wing speech at universities; Osama bin Laden as military strategist; further evidence that the BBC is un-British; European media vs. Israel)
October 2001 (the "stubborn resilience" of the Taliban; the demise of The American Spectator; Senator Biden's lament about the U.S. as a "high tech bully"; being "sensitive" to Bin Laden; "understanding" our enemies; our longest-lived President on fighting terrorism; the Madison, Wis. school board and the Pledge of Allegiance; a heartening analysis of the 9/11 attacks' success rate; the Arming America controversy; Walter Mossberg on Internet aliases; Andrew Sullivan on Clinton's dark legacy; the Palestinian reaction to 9/11; airline security)
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