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Torcon 3 (61st Worldcon), August 2003 (3)
The Los Angeles in 2006 bid parties occupied four suites, reducing the population density to a tolerable level. Here is a display of exotic Space Cadet weaponry, designed to keep Earth safe from BEM's.
Elsewhere in the L.A. complex, prospective cadets' brains were scanned, frequently revealing unexpected mental furniture.

Fans mill about at the Nippon in 2007 party, which featured the usual selection of Japanese delicacies (with handy labels for us Westerners).
Takumi Shibano, whose name is virtually synonymous with Japanese fandom, was unable to attend Torcon for reasons of health. The Nippon bid posted these notes from Takumi and his wife Sachiko, flanked by covers of some of his books.

The Space Needle and the Seattle skyline loom over the Seattle in 2005 NASFiC bid party. This was the only party to hold raffles - two per night. I won a copy of the computer game "Age of Mythology" and therefore heartily approve of this gimmick.

This windowsill display was almost the only indication that the Charlotte in 2005 party was promoting a NASFiC bid. Perhaps a little propaganda would have erased Seattle's six-vote victory margin. In a panel on "Worldcon Bidding 101", I used Charlotte as an example of bidders' mistakes. (For more of my bidding advice, see the Chicago in 2000 Bid Party Manual.

The Kansas City in 2006 bid party had one of the tastiest arrays of food, most of it homemade by bidcomm members.

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