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File 911: Why We Fight
Note: The World Wide Web is, like the web of a spider, ephemeral. Links shown below may have blown away, but, before giving up on them, be sure to check whether the articles can be located elsewhere via Google or have been preserved in the amber of the Internet Wayback Machine.
John Derbyshire, "The Surrender Option" (9/12/01). Has September 11th vindicated the paleoconservative and neolibertarian isolationists?
Mark Steyn, "Fight Now, Love Later" (9/29/01). Will America Ophra-fy September 11th and decide that "it's time to move on"?
Paul Hollander, "Anti-Americanism Revisited" (10/16/01). Do the veteran America-lasters have anything new to say? In a word, no.
Victor Davis Hanson, "War Talk" (11/2/01). The kinds of "questions" about the war that one hears at campus forums.
Seth Lipsky, "Afghanistan and Vietnam" (11/8/01). Will the peaceniks ever stop fighting the last war?
Susanna Dorhage et al., "Cette Guerre est la Nôtre" (11/8/01). Nothing unusual about this defense of the U.S. war effort - except that it was written by French intellectuals and published in Europe's leading left-of-center newspaper.
Anatole Kaletsky, "A War That Has Served Notice on All Terrorists" (11/15/01). Why the U.S. was right to target the Taliban regime.
Mark Steyn, "The Voice of Doom Foretold" (12/1/01). Whether pessimistic or optimistic, liberals recycle canards about the war.
Kevin J. Hasson, "Finding the Koran's Truth" (12/27/01). Can we defend freedom only be denying that anything is true?
David Blankenhorn et al., "What We're Fighting For: A Letter from America" (2/12/02); "Is the Use of Force Ever Morally Justified?" (8/8/02). Sixty American intellectuals explain the necessity for the war on terrorism and answer European criticisms.
Rosemary Righter, "Why It Is Right To Join America's Fight" (3/14/02). Reflexive European anti-Americanism overlooks the fact that the U.S. is defending other lands as well as itself.
Jay Nordlinger, "The World's Most Important Columnist" (3/25/02). The war has made Tom Friedman of The New York Times into a mover and shaker, but his opinions are more shallow than sage.
Fred Hiatt, "Our Rose-Colored Cold War" (3/25/02). Cold war policy divisions - previously obscured by the polite fiction that "everybody was against communism" - are beginning to re-emerge as the war on terrorism continues.
David Brooks, "Among the Bourgeoisophobes" (4/6/02). "Since September 11, there has been a great deal of analysis of the roots of Muslim rage. But to anybody familiar with the history of bourgeoisophobia, it is striking how comfortably Muslim rage meshes with traditional rage against meritocratic capitalism. The Islamist fanatic and the bourgeoisophobe hate the same things. They use the same words, they utter the same protests."
Brendan Miniter, "What We're Fighting For" (4/29/02). The ideals of the Declaration of Independence are not just an American idiosyncrasy.
Laurence Grafstein, “Age Limit” (6/4/02). "By relying on the superior morality of their enemies, the advocates of terrorism concede their own immorality and forfeit their own legitimacy."
Mark Steyn, "America Should Celebrate Its Independence" (7/5/02). As the West's odd man out, America happens to be right where it matters most.
David Frum, "America in the Dock - Myth I: America Is Totally in Hock to the Jewish Lobby" (10/21/02). The first of a five-part series on misperceptions about why the U.S. has undertaken to fight terrorism and its enablers.
David Frum, "America in the Dock - Myth II: America Wants War With Saddam Because of Oil" (10/22/02). "But here is where the no-war-for-oil crowd make their mistake. Those Americans who worry most about oil tend to oppose action against Saddam, because they worry about the effects an Iraq war would have on Saudi Arabia."
David Frum, "America in the Dock - Myth III: Bush Wants War With Iraq Because of a Family Vendetta" (10/23/02). ". . . the idea that an outburst of family pique and pride can move the gigantic and sluggish American democracy to the edge of war is simply - why be polite? - nuts."
David Frum, "Amerca in the Dock - Myth IV: America couldn't care less what the rest of the world thinks" (10/24/02). The author's subtext, tactfully left subtextual, is that America would pay more attention to the rest of the world's thoughts if those thoughts were less self-absorbed and irrational.
David Frum, "America in the Dock - The Truth: America Is Indeed Subverting the Middle East" (10/25/02). "The American determination to root out terror - to put a stop to the game where Arab regimes direct their people's anger outward at America and Israel, to eliminate the ambiguity that allows terrorist groups to raise funds more or less openly in states that pretend to deplore them - threatens to upend a system of government to which many in the West have become comfortably accustomed."
Christopher Hitchens, "Chew on This, My Leftist Comrades" (1/16/03). A prominent leftist explains why the War on Terror is not merely a conservative cause.
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