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The Best of Fandom - 1958
The Best of Fandom - 1958 is a 116 page anthology of fannish writing and artwork edited by Guy Terwilleger, with assistance from Dan L. Adkins (Art Editor) and Diane Terwilleger. Published in Boise, Idaho, it was Terwilleger's second annual Best of Fandom collection. The cover price was 75¢. The artwork that graced the the front and back covers was drawn by "Atom" (a/k/a Arthur Thomson).
Reproduction was by dittography and is too faint to scan. Therefore, every excerpt posted here will have to be keyed in by my none-too-nimble fingers. I'll try gradually to add all of the material that appears to be of lasting value.

Introduction by Robert Madle
"The Dream Come True - In South Gate" by Ted Johnstone (from The Incomplete Whimper)
"This Little World of Fandom" by Ron Ellik (from FANAC)
"Per Ardua Ad Fanac" by John Berry (from Polarity)
"Bah! Humbug!" by Robert Bloch (from Oopsla)
"Shaggy Science Fiction" by Kenneth Newman (from OB)
"A Visit to Festus Pragnell" by C. S. Youd (from BEM)
"The Mind of Chow" by Charles Burbee (from Innuendo)
"All the Way" by John Berry (from Cry of the Nameless)
"I Sleep With Dolly" by Bob Leman (from The Vinegar Worm)
"Incorporation Is Too Restrictive" by Sam Moskowitz (from Ground Zero)
"The Feud of the Century" by Marion Zimmer Bradley (from Spectre)
"The Fan Who Hated Quotecards" by Terry Carr (from Goojie Publications)
"I Was A Teenage Octagenarian" by Harry Warner, Jr. (from Retribution)
"Gafia House" by Robert Bloch (from Hyphen)
The 1958 World Science Fiction Awards (list prepared by Len Moffatt)
"BOF Art Portfolio" (artwork by George Barr, Colin Cameron, George Scithers, Robert E. Gilbert, Bjo Wells, Bergeon, Juanita Coulson, Art Lee, Barbi Johnson, Bjo Wells [another piece], Larry Bourne, Tom Reamy, Bill Pearson, Atom, Dan Adkins)
"Ghod and Chlorophyll" by Nigel Lindsay (from Satellite)
"A Salute To TV" by Jim Weber (from Quagmire)
"A Salute to Television" by Jim Weber (from Brillig)
"The Purifans" by Sid Birchby (from Ploy)
"Bleak Fate Intervenes" by Bob Leman (from Inside Science Fiction)
"Bedtime Tale For A Baby BEM" by Vince Clark (from Aporrhêta)
"The Biter Bit" by Bob Tucker (from Grue)
"Beloved Is Our Destiny (Part 4)" by Faversham & Hurstmonceux (from Triode)
"The Skeptic Tank" by Dean A. Grennell (from Stefantasy)
"Sense of Wonder" by John Berry (from The Complete Faan)
"How To Define Science Fiction" by George Scithers (from Yandro)
Honorable Mention
"As I See It" by Guy Terwilleger

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