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SMOFCon Mixer, December 1998
The traditional SMOFCon Friday night mixer was based on an idea that I had suggested to co-chairmen Kent Bloom and Mary Morman.  The members took part in the business meeting of the "Whirled Science Fiction Society".  Each received in advance a secret agenda of motions (e. g., to name the radish as the Official Fannish Food), with a number of points gained or lost upon their passage or defeat.  The game would have been more of a success if Kevin Standlee's plane hadn't been delayed by weather, forcing me to exercise extremely rusty skills as Official Parliamentarian.  Shown above are some of the players. From left to right:  Martin Easterbrook, Joni Dashoff, Tom Whitmore, Seth Breidbart, Zev Sero, Joyce Scrivner, Candace LaRue.  Mike Pins is kneeling in front.