Well, it's finally rollen again! I have two new pages, devoted to the Soviets, and the Allies.  I will put some  Soviet screenshots on the Soviet page and the same with the Allies page. There will also be ''Battle Stories'' so to speak. Basically news from the home front I guess you could say. There will be eventually be more downloads, and maps.  More links comen soon also. I can't revamp everything in one night, so be patient, I got school too, so that unfortunalty takes the ''higher'' priority. ;-) The clan info wil be updated, when needed I guess. I have to post battle ranks, and scores yet, I know!  Still have noo strategies yet, but I hope to have a few in a short time, along with the cheats, if you can call them that.  So anyway, the site has had a little revamping, and hopefully like I keep saying, I hope to have MORE downloads, and maps, ect...   
Thanx again!

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