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Long, Boring Weekends
by Jan Bazen, TCGOB Staff"

My husband was working out of state during Thanksgiving, so our traditional family dinner was postponed until he returned home. Yesterday, I awoke around 8:30 AM already thinking of what had to be made in preparation for our meal. Thinking ahead, I realized I could have all the trimmings cooked and on the warmer by 12 noon in time to watch the pre-race shows and the opening ceremonies.  The kitchen quickly became warm as the stove was fired up and vegetables were pulled out of the freezer, stuffing was made, and sweet potatoes filled the oven. As planned, by noon everything was in serving bowls sitting on the warmer and I was ready to turn over the kitchen to my husband to prepare the turkeys for the fryer.

I headed for the den to look for the race, when it suddenly occurred to me there would be no race. Oh no! I quickly scanned all the channels and discovered only football games and old movies, news or weather. It's's really true...race season is over!

Then I headed for the computer in search of the latest race news. Nada! Nothing! No new articles since the night before. I was saved from further despair as family and friends began to arrive.

My best friend and I discussed the award ceremonies from Friday night. We laughed over Tony Stewart wearing the Hans device under his tuxedo. We talked of how strange it was to see the drivers even wearing tuxedos instead of race uniforms or jeans. We discussed who we thought would contend for the championship next season. Then the discussion began to fade.

I walked outside to watch my husband fry the turkeys, but quickly became bored. I walked around the yard looking for new projects I could start this week, but grass doesn't grow during the winter and the ground is too hard to plant flowers.

I walked back through the house. The den was filled with the sounds of the guys watching football. Bah Humbug! I didn't want to watch a bunch of men chase a ball up and down a field! I yearned for the sound of big engines roaring, of cars running in circles and sliding into the corners. Yes, I even yearned for the sound of D.W. or B.P. calling the race. I was getting desperate.

The younger children were outside playing and the older children were watching movies in their bedrooms. I snuck into the garage and within 30 minutes was caught by my husband while setting up the children's toy race track. I was pulled kicking and screaming back into the house and admonished for not being the perfect hostess.

I made the small talk, though begrudging, with all the family. I put the final touches on the meal and we sat down to eat. Afterwards as everyone scattered and the men once again settled in front of the television for the next football game, I went to bed for a nap. When I finally awoke my husband was coming to bed. I had made it through the first Sunday without a race.

This off season maybe tough to get through. Next year, I'm taping every race from beginning to end. At least then I will have races to watch after the award ceremonies are over, the engines are silent, the tracks are empty and all the drivers and crew are enjoying their vacations.

It sure seems a long time until February.

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Jan is an RN who lives on the North Carolina coast with her husband, three children and her dog. When not watching or reading about NASCAR,  she enjoys fishing...any kind of fishing.  She also enjoys gardening and reading.  Although Jan is new to the sport of NASCAR, she was exposed to NASCAR from the early, tender age of 5 by her older brother, Fred, who has always been a diehard NASCAR fan. Jan welcomes any comments or opposing views.  You can contact her by clicking on the North Carolina tag above.

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