Sterilization Information, Informed Consent Rights... Do we have them?

This web site is dedicated to all men and women who have have "electively" chosen to be sterilized. The informed consent laws regarding tubal ligation and vasectomy surgeries are not clear. What we are not told can hurt us. The gag rule shold not apply to elective surgeries such as tubals and vasectomies. Men and women are "agreeing" to these elective, non-life saving operations without being fully disclosed as to the "real" short and long terms risks of the procedure. Luckily, not everyone who has been sterilized suffers, but many do. We wonder why we were not told of these side effects prior to the surgery.

We are united, yet segregated. Women suffering Post Tubal Syndrome. Men suffering Post Vasectomy Syndrome.

In the past we didn't talk about it, but that was then...

Tubal Ligation Informational Links

Post Tubal Syndrome Main Page. Tubal Rights: Register for national tubal health study. Chat area, post to the message board.
Information about Post Tubal Syndrome (PTS) aka Post Pelvic Surgery Trama.: Symtoms of PTS. "Red Flags" of Post Pelvic Surgery Trama after any type of pelvic surgery.
Post Tubal Syndrom: General information.
Information about Hormone Testing. : Why all women should have her levels tested. "Standard Care"
Informed Consent.: Were you fully informed?
Post Tubal Womens Mailing List: Join the conversation or search the archives
Dr. Hufnagel' home page: Medical expert willing to speak out on the issue of PTS.

Post Vasectomy Information Links

Post Vasectomy Syndrome: Risks associated with vasectomies
Post Vasectomy Mens Mailing List: Join the conversation or search the archives