! Note ERROR in Photo: What's labled as "A/C Condenser" should be A/C ACCUMULATOR (its the black canister)

TPS: Throttle Position Sensor. Attached to top of Throttle body with 2 screws. See Idle section in Fix-It for more info.

Idle Air Bypass Valve: Attached to side of throttle body.

MASS Air Sensor: Attached to intake hose between air filter & throttle body.

EGR: Bolted to back side of EGR Spacer (between throttle body & intake) recirculates exhaust gases, part of emissions system.

PCV Valve: Hidden in back & of lower intake, pull hose to reveal PCV Valve.

Spout Connector: Small 2 pronged plug on wires attached to distributor. Must be unplugged to check & adjust timing.

Ignition Module: Controls Spark. White rectangle on distributor(on mustangs). May be gray on other Fords.

Coolant Temperature Sending Unit: Sends Signal to Temp Gauge. Not the sensor the computer uses.

Oil Pressure Sending Unit: Sends Signal to Oil Pressure Gauge. Click here to See Photo.

Front Suspension Components

Quick Look at the Front Suspension

A Arm: contains the Ball Joint & Connects the Spindle to the Frame. Usually To replace a ball joint you can replace the entire Arm, or the ball joint ca be changed but you need a press & requires more skill.

...same info for both 5.0 & 2.3 Mustangs

Another shot of Front Suspension


Grease Fitting 's on Tie Rod ends may not be present, may be just a plug, depending on year and model. The Plugs can be unscrewed and grease fittings (any auto store) can be screwed in.

When Ball Joints start to make a horrible screach its time to replace them...
- you can hold of a bit by getting the grease needles that can penetrate into the sealed ball joint.
- This is just a temporary solution. Its most likely time to change the ball joint. This is one thing I will leave to a shop, They will need to replace the entire A-Arm...then new alignment. Change both sides.

...same info for both 5.0 & 2.3 Mustangs

Oil Pressure Sender (5.0 Shown)

This small canister is threaded into a (about) 3 inch extension into the block & sends a signal to the Oil Pressure Gauge, through one (red) wire.

- On the 5.0 its above the Oil Filter.
- The 2.3 Sender is towards the rear of the engine, threads directly to the block & looks similar.

Cost...around $15

Fuel Filter (all 87-93)

Just in front of the gas tank.

- Loosen the clamp
- pull out the 2 plastic clips, they may break, thats ok you get new ones when you buy a new filter.

- pull out the hoses and slide the filter out.
- install is just reverse, just remember how the clips go back on, see how they point away from the filter?

Caution...You can get dirt/rust in your eyes.
- you most likely will take a gas bath, I tried disconnecting the cut off switch (in the trunk, to shut off the pump) then run the motor dry, but I still get gas all over. Just be careful.

...same info for both 5.0 & 2.3 Mustangs