The few books written on Nashe over the last few decades are now mostly out of print, though still available through libraries and secondhand book shops. It's more fruitful however to check for recent journal and magazine articles. Nashe is nothing like so well-worked a field as Shakespeare, and new information about his life still crops up. (Pun not intended.)


HIBBARD, G.R. Thomas Nashe; a Critical Introduction  

London, 1962

HUTSON, Lorna Thomas Nashe in Context

Lorna Hutson rejects the approach which uses Nashe's work as biographical source material, a mass of clues from which we fancifully attempt to reconstruct the man himself. (Guilty.) She considers it as being consciously shaped in conformity to current literary trends as much as the unguarded expression of Nashe's personality.
Despite her dislike of the overly-biographical approach, it was Hutson who initiated recent discoveries on Nashe by finding the entry in the Court of Aldermen records showing he was jailed for 'Christs Teares'.


Oxford, 1989
McGINN, Donald Joseph Thomas Nashe

Indispensable for students as an introduction to the life and works. It comprises:- preface; chronology; brief biography; then each work is taken in chronological order, described in outline and given a critical assessment.
Plus it has a six-page annotated bibliography. A must.


Boston, 1981
McKERROW, Ronald B., ed. The Works of Thomas Nashe

With his five-volume annotated edition of the complete works, published between 1904 and 1910, McKerrow made the modern study of Nashe possible. "No biography of Nashe could be written without fully acknowledging the work of R.B. McKerrow. His editio princeps of Nashe's the bedrock on which this book is built," acknowledged C. Nicholl in his 1984 biography. McKerrow is the great man, which is why I hope to add a future page dedicated to him.


London, 1904-10
Oxford, 1958
NICHOLL, Charles A cup of news: the life of Thomas Nashe

The most complete modern biography, imaginative and evocative but solidly researched.  Very readable.


London, 1984
STERN, Virginia F. Gabriel Harvey: His Life, Marginalia and Library

Not strictly about Nashe of course, but invaluable as a source of information on (and a corrective view of) his great enemy, Gabriel Harvey.


Oxford, 1979
WELLS, Stanley, ed. Thomas Nashe:...Selected Writings

A good smorgasbord of Nashe, including such items as the complete Unfortunate Traveller, and choice bits from Nashe's other works such as 'The Pope and the Herring' section from Lenten Stuffe

  London, 1964

Despite the unjust neglect of his work, articles on Nashe are still published fairly regularly in academic journals. Anniina Jokinen's site at Luminarium summarises these better than I can. To visit her site select here.
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