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Photo  Album
My friends in Germany.All of them have something to do with Megaherz .TV The best production house in Germany. Left is Production manager Uli.Stephn Ravax - Soundman. Mathias Director.Me & Peter Fisher Cameramen and Zoltan Ravaz - Soundman

Editing after shooting riots in Cyprus.

"The Dolphin warriors" Hawai 1995

A standup with the unforgettable Friedrich Schreiber.

shooting the "Octoberfest docusoap"with the dv 1000 Munich 1998
Jerusalem - riots in the old city Oct.2000

Ramalla October 2000

Open heart operation Dec.2000

Shooting arials Sugarloafkey Fla. USA

Hula Valley Shooting "One stop over Israel" About Migrating Birds

With the Canon J 33 zoom lens and the Sony DVW 700 Oct.-Nov.2001

Mounting the pd 150  before flying with the birds

With Peter M  Dudzik flying a hot air baloon for the ARD "Weltreisen"

Weltreisen Negev  March 2002

Jenin April 2002

Dead Sea June-December  2002


5.6.2002  a car loaded with explosives drove near a bus and exploaded