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i think these are the best three pokemon
my pikachu collection

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I am the hugest pokemon fan I love everything about it it is my favorite show and game and it will be like that for a very long time


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my favorite pokemon list


how to duplicate items
you trade with one only one person in the pokelab on cinnibar then fly to the person who tells you how to catch pokemon tell him NO then get the item you want duplicated in sixth place in your items list fly back to cinnibar surf up and down the right side of cinnibar until you fight a missingno. then kill it or run but dont catch it can erase or screw up your game after that look in your item list the sixth item should have a weird square thing next to it then when you use the item the number will still go down but once you use the last one instead of the name of the item disappearing it says you have 0 of the item then once you use the 0th of the item it goes up to the number 9 you can do this alot of times but one of the times the weird icon will disapear and you will have 99 and thats the end once you use those
how to get mew
you beat the game without having the s.s.anne leave then once you've gotten all 150 pokemon you go surf to an island near the s.s. anne with a truck on it get a L. 100 machamp with strength to move the truck and there will be mew(this is a big rumer i've heard i'm not sure if it works or not)
THIS IS A SECTION TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS YOU E-MAIL ME you get cut on the ss anne thats how you cut down those bushes

there is no pikablu he does not exist
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sorry but I will not write about the episodes until something important happens unlike the last 4 weeks have

ALL 150

01. Bulbasaur-grass/poison type-evolves at level 16
02. Ivysaur-grass/poison type-evolves at level 32
03. Venusaur-grass/poison type-no evolution
04. Charmander-fire type-evolves at level 16
05. Charmelieon-fire type-evolves at level 36
06. Charizard-fire type-no evolution
07. Squirtle-water type-evolves at level 16
08. Wartortle-water type-evolves at level 36
09. Blastoise-water type-no evolution
10. Caterpie-bug type-evolves at level 7
11. Metapod-bug type-evolves at level 10
12. Butterfree-bug/flying type-no evolution
13. Weedle-bug/poison type-evolves at level 7
14. Kakuna-bug/poison type-evolves at level 10
15. Bedrill-bug/poison type-no evolution
16. Pidgey-normal/flying type-evolves at level 18
17. Pidgeotto-normal/flying type-evolves at level 36
18. Pidgeot-normal/flying type-no evolution
19. Rattata-normal type-evolves at level 20
20. Raticate-normal type-no evolution
21. Spearow-normal/flying type-evolves at level 20
22. Fearow-normal/flying type-no evolution
23. Ekans-poison type-evolves at level 22;/
24. Arbok-poison type-no evolution
25. Pikachu-electirc type-evolves with thunder stone
26. Raichu-electric type-no evolution
27. Sandshrew-ground type-evolves at level 22
28. Sandslash-ground type-no evolution
29. Nidoran/Fem-poison type-evolves at level 16
30. Nidorina-poison type-evolves with moon stone
31. Nidoqueen-poison/normal type-no evolution
32. Nidoran/Male-poison type-evolves at level 16
33. Nidorino-poison type-evolves with moon stone
34. Nidoking-poison/ground type-no evolution
35. Clefairy-normal type-evolves with moon stone
36. Clefable-normal type-no evolution
37. Vulpix-fire type-evolves with fire stone
38. Ninetales-fire type-no evolution
39. Jigglypuff-normal type-evolves with moon stone
40. Wigglytuff-normal type-no evolution
41. Zubat-poison/flying type-evolves at level 22
42. Golbat-poison/flying type-no evolution
43. Oddish-grass/poison type-evolves at level 21
44. Gloom-grass/poison type-evolves with leaf stone
45. Vileplume-grass/poison type-no evolution
46. Paras-bug/grass type-evolves at level 24
47. Parasect-bug/grass type-no evolution
48. Venonat-bug/poison type-evolves at level 31
49. Venomoth-bug poison type-no evolution
50. Diglett-ground type-evolves at level 26
51. Dugtrio-ground type-no evolution
52. Meowth-normal type-evolves at level 28
53. Persian-normal type-no evolution
54. Psyduck-water type-evolves at level 33
55. Golduck-water type-no evolution
56. Mankey-fighting type-evolves at level 28
57. Primeape-fighting type-no evolution
58. Growlithe-fire type-evolves with fire stone
59. Arcanine-fire type-no evolution
60. Poliwag-water type-evolves at level 25
61. Poliwhirl-water type-evolves with water stone
62. Poliwrath-water/fighting type-no evolution
63. Abra-psychic type-evolves at level 16
64. Kadabra-psychic type-evolves when traded through game link
65. Alakazam-psychic type-no evolution
66. Machop-fighting class-evolves at level 28
67. Machoke-fighting class-evolves when traded through game link
68. Machamp-fighting class-no evolution
69. Bellsprout-grass/poison type-evolves at level 21
70. Weepinbell-grass/poison type-evolves with leaf stone
71. Victreebel-grass/poison type-no evolution
72. Tentacool-water/poison type-evolves at level 30
73. Tentacruel-water/poison type-no evolution
74. Geodude-rock/ground type-evolves at level 25
75. Graveler-rock/ground type-evolves when traded through game link
76. Golem-rock/ground type-no evolution
77. Ponyta-fire type-evolves at level 40
78. Rapidash-fire type-no evolution
79. Slowpoke-water/psychic type-evolves at level 37
80. Slowbro-water/psychic type-no evolution
81. Magnemite-electric type-evolves at level 30
82. Magneton-electric type-no evolution
83. Farfetch'd-normal/flying type-no evolution
84. Doduo-normal/flying type-evolves at level 31
85. Dodrio-normal/flying type-no evolution
86. Seel-water type-evolves at level 34
87. Dewgong-water/ice type-no evolution
88. Grimer-poison type-evolves at level 38
89. Muk-poison type-no evolution
90. Shellder-water type-evolves with water stone
91. Cloyster-water/ice type-no evolution
92. Ghastly-ghost/poison type-evolves at level 25
93. Haunter-ghost/poison type-evolves when traded through game link
94. Gengar-ghost/poison type-no evolution
95. Onix -rock/ground type-no evolution
96. Drowzee-psychic type-evloves at level 26
97. Hypno-psychic type-no evolution
98. Krabby-water type-evolves at level 28
99. Kingler-water type-no evolution
100. Voltorb-electric type-evolves at level 30
101. Electrode-electric type-no evolution
102. Exeggcute-grass/psychic type-evolves with leaf stone
103. Exeggutor-grass/psychic type-no evolution
104. Cubone-ground type-evolves at level 28
105. Marowak-ground type-no evolution
106. Hitmonlee-fighting type-no evolution
107. Hitmonchan-fighting type-no evolution
108. Tonguety-normal type-no evolution
109. Koffing-poison type-evolves at level 35
110. Weezing-poison type-no evolution
111. Rhyhorn-ground/rock type-evolves at level 42
112. Rhydon-ground/rock type-no evolution
113. Chancey-normal type-no evolution
114. Tangela-grass type-no evolution
115. Kangaskhan-normal type-no evolution
116. Horsea-water type-evolves at level 32
117. Seadra-water type-no evolution
118. Goldeen-water type-evolves at level 33
119. Seaking-water type-no evolution
120. Staryu-water type-evolves with water stone
121. Starmie-water/psychic type-no evolution
122. Mr. Mime-psychic type-no evolution
123. Scyther-bug/flying type-no evolution
124. Jynx-ice/psychic type-no evolution
125. Electrabuzz-electric type-no evolution
126. Magmar-fire type-no evolution
127. Pinsir-bug type-no evolution
128. Tauros-normal type-no evolution
129. Magikarp-water type-evolves at level 20
130. Garados-water/flying type-no evolution
131. Lapras-water/ice type-no evolution
132. Ditto-normal type-no evolution
133. Eevee-normal type-evolves with leaf, fire, or water stone
134. Vaporeon-water type-no evolution
135. Volteon-electric type-no evolution
136. Flareon-fire type-no evolution
137. Porygon-normal type-no evolution
138. Omanyte-rock/water type-evolves at level 40
139. Omastar-rock/water type-no evolution
140. Kabuto-rock/water type-evolves at level 40
141. Kabutops-rock/water type-no evolution
142. Aerodactyl-rock/flying type-no evolution
143. Snorlax-normal type-no evolution
144. Articuno-ice/flying type-no evolution
145. Zapdos-electric/flying type- no evolution
146. Moltres-fire/flying type-no evolution
147. Dratini-dragon type-evolves at level 30
148. Dragonair-dragon type-evolves at level 55
149. Dragonite-dragon/flying type-no evolution
150. Mewtwo-psychic type-no evolution
151. Mew-psychic type-no evolution
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