ark.gif Ark of the Covenant

"Ark of the Covenant
Repository of the Blood of Christ,
the Laws of the Covenant and
the Mysteries of God

Jesus The Christ said:

19 * "And then the curtains part,
and you are in the Holiest of All,
where rests the Arc of God,
whose covering is the Mercy Seat."

20 * "Fear not to lift the sacred board;
the Tables of the Law are
in the Ark concealed."

21 * "Take them and read them well;
for they contain all
precepts and commands
that men will ever need."
Ref. - WG 40: 19-21, Heb 9:4, Rev. 11:19.

- Hello, Welcome to SFIU -
The Searcher Foundation Internet University

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Students, Welcome to the Haus of SFIU--

Rev. James L. Fabert, DD


Jesus said:
"Fear them not therefore:
for there is nothing covered,
that shall not be revealed;
and hid, that shall not be
made known."
Matthew 10:26 - KJV

One might consider this Divine Promise He made to us our motto.

It is our promise to you,
and our love for you.
In His Name, please read on:


Table of Contents


Exit to the front door. You are Welcome to return. May God Bless you.

Preface to The Way Gospel. New research parameters. Guidelines.

Study Excerpts List Highlights of your studies.

Student Resources

Book Store.

Research Collections.

PC Computer Software.

Courses Table Details on Courses and Degrees offered by SFIU.

Fees and Donations What will it cost? Details. Some pleasant surprises.

Making Application to the SCHOOL OF MINISTRY, SFIU Minister & Teacher coursework. Internet based.

Making Application to the SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, SFIU. Business coursework for Ministers, Professional Administrators, and their Researchers. Internet based.

The Alpha Group, Consultants Business Information on forming Ministries after graduation.

A public service announcement for all Students, Teachers, and the public. We have a solution for the violence in our schools, and how to Return Home here.



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It is the policy of SFIU that all media questions be submitted in writing and answered in kind.

Your point of contact is The Founder at Searcher Foundation Logo

All media relations will be handled by the Founder, or his representative. Thank you.


We are dedicated to bringing relief
to personal Spiritual Peace searchers as
Teachers and Spiritual Counselors
for The Christ.


Welcome to the International Web Site for The Searcher Foundation Internet University, SFIU. We are a private Tutor Service for Spiritual Searchers toward enlightenment and Student Ministers of God. We are a Ministry for those who need us.

All here who will serve as your teachers and counselors are volunteers. Most are ordained Ministers, with years of professional experience behind them. Be assured, all have been picked from the best the world has to offer. We teach the love of God, through Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit.

We are considered pioneers in a growing phenomenon - Spiritual Education via the Internet.

All courses are designed with Home Study as the Foundation. Everything is accomplished through Internet resources. Those who prefer paper materials will be referred to and - their specialty. They Ordain several thousand Ministers each month.

No matter your circumstances, we will "walk the extra mile" and work with you to help you acquire this education. We ask the same of you; for "to give is to receive". Spiritually, this is the "Law of Reciprocals".

Resources are available for the casual "Searcher" for personal enlightenment, Graduate studies, including Masters and Doctorate level Programs.

Teachers and Counselors are available to meet your spiritual and educational needs. Many are Ordained Ministers. Ask, and they will tell you.

The need is great. Due to continued unrest within organized Religions and Churches, we here at the Searcher Foundation offer an alternative - study and direct experience with the Divine Relationship - your Birthright as a Child of God; known as Theurgy - from the Greek: "God's Work."

Unfortunately, 'theology' and 'doctrine' often restrict change when new facts are unearthed by research. This leaves many with few options except to hold on to their official stances, lest their 'credibility' be threatened. In the end, misunderstandings are created; rather than professional scholarship.

This is very unfortunate, because their perception of Jesus can be distorted, rather than enhanced. Their acceptance of Jesus teachings in their entirety would enhance the 'Churches', and make them stronger.

Sadly, many 'religions' and 'organized churches' have reduced themselves to being social clubs. This lamentable state of affairs should not be.

We believe It is time to return to objective scholarship, and the Divine Relationship. This is the reason SFIU was formed. Our brothers and sisters need our help. We welcome their communications, in the spirit of the Love of Christ - His message - in Unity, not diversity.

Much has been uncovered within the past decade; archaeologically and spiritually, about "The Way, the Truth, and the Life" of the Christ. All these findings increase his Divinity and Humanity. None of these findings decrease personal 'faith' in the Christ.

Any who might like to share in these new findings to strengthen their Churches are welcome. Let us set aside any apparent differences, and commit ourselves to Him.

SFIU is not a competitor with 'organized Churches' and 'Religions'. We are teachers and peacemakers, not pastors. We have no interest in acquiring your congregations.

We suggest the need is great to proceed on with the teachings of Jesus, rather than religion. In reality, organized church attendance would increase, virtually overnight. Most persons with Christian tendencies are forgiving.

I see a lamentable tendency, which is very sad. The more Churches and Religions insist that God is to be feared, the more they decline.

The Holy Spirit apparently no longer works with them.

Today's highly educated person will not tolerate perfidy in their House of Worship. They vote with their feet, and choose another House of Worship. Or, even worse; they opt out of religious observance. Fellowship is very important, as we all know. We would like to help you return your 'missing sheep to the fold'.

Anyone who studies marketing trends will readily see this process in action. Unfortunately, most Ministers are not trained to observe business and marketing trends.

Houses of Worship are businesses. They must be to conform to public need, and government restrictions. Being open about this process with their parishioners should guarantee long tenure for Ministers, Pastors and Priests.

In many Churches, the normal system of checks and balances seems to have slipped. If all concerned do not work directly with the Holy Spirit of God, they will experience great difficulty succeeding as Churches.



Our "wisdom" teachings tell us the beginning of "wisdom" is "knowing what is not".

We are not a specific 'religion' or 'belief system'. Our Staff and Students come from many different 'religions' and 'belief systems'.

We do not correspond with the current definitions of "New Age".

The current popular definition of "New Age" seems to be anything not of that person's 'religion' or 'belief system'.

Many aspects of so-called "New Age" are very old. Unfortunately, apparent bias affects us all. We urge cooperation and unity among all persons.

The profile of most 'New Agers' in marketing terms are these: Intelligent, educated, with young children of school age. They are 'upwardly mobile', successful and desiring to live and contribute to their communities.

They have learned in higher education to question anyone who aspires to be an 'authority'. They feel disenfranchised and ignored by their elders.

All generations love each other. We have found by our research that all apparent dichotomies, divergences and differences are illusory perceptions which are not; repeat NOT true!

Let all begin with this: we are God's children; conceived in His love.

The basis of our teachings is very old; in many cases older than "The Bible" or KJV, as it is popularly known. .

By definition we are not a "cult". The choice of study across all "religions" and "belief systems" is yours. In our experience, "Cults" do not provide choices.

We are not "Gurus". If you attempt to worship us, you will receive specific counseling to the contrary. We are simple teachers and counselors, no more.

Initially, in aspect: we offer the love of Christ, as our Brother and God, as our Father. We consider the Holy Spirit or Holy Breath as the Mother, but not as gender. They are not physical entities. In spirit, we are all related.

These definitions are memory symbols for new students, in order that they might make the transition from studies of the "carnal world" -- as Jesus says; to studies of and by the Holy Spirit of God; as your ultimate teacher, and only source of truth.

We are not theologians.

We do not provide studies in "Wicca", or "Magic", or "Paganism".

We also study the backgrounds of "belief" systems; as we do "religions"; for understanding, not personal "beliefs". We know "Beliefs" to be often of the ego, not of the Holy Spirit.

We do not teach people they are the Christ. That degree is given by God.

We have run out of labels to define what we are not. If you think of more, please let us know.

In affirmation, we teach the Divine Relationship of the love of God, from all sources we know; for the purpose of spiritual enlightenment, no matter the background and/or culture of the Students.

We accept all persons as Universal Children of God, as does He.

What we teach corresponds with the earliest teachings of Jesus, the Christ; to His influence in this present day.

He and the Holy Spirit are acknowledged as the Master Teachers.

Jesus had many female Disciples, the most famous of which is Mary Magdalene and Miriam, the singer. They had a very special relationship, the equal of Jesus relationship with 'the beloved Disciple', said by most to be John.

Jesus was eqalitarian, and did not reject women as Disciples. Mary Magdalene was a wealthy benefactor throughout Jesus Ministry. She was as devout a Disciple as any other, including Peter and Paul. None of the women denied Him when Jesus was arrested at Gethsemane, as several male Disciples did. The most notable of these was Peter; yet Jesus forgave him.

Who was at the cross as Jesus rose, and who were the first He met when he returned? The women Disciples.

Paul, by his own admission was an 'agent' of Rome, and supposedly had a conversion. Yet, he taught Grecian philosophy, and apparently rejected many teachings of Jesus after the crucifixtion. "By their fruit you shall know them". Jesus said.

It would seem the female Disciples were much more devoted and courageous toward Jesus than the males, as a group. However, the history of the Church has been the rejection of female Ministers. Universalist Ministers, as myself; follow Jesus' tradition in encouraging women to become Ministers of God. As a result, most of the Teachers, Counselors and Benefactors of SFIU are women. They are totally devoted to the teachings of Jesus, not to me as a person, 'guru' or Minister.

The most cogent, learned challenges I personally and professionally receive are from these, my very valued female colleagues. It would seem the concerns of the organized church are in fact; groundless. Women have proven, beyond doubt; they make very superior Ministers, Counsellors and Teachers of God.

Gentlemen, if you see this as a challenge to you, so be it. You know how to change the perception. Besides, there may be a few who are single. Do I make my point? In my opinion, Ministers of the female persuasion are excellent friends and colleagues. They should lack for nothing as life partners.

As Teachers, we are still Students - as are you. You will rapidly reach the point where we share together. Our only advantage is our many cumulative years of experience; and we trust - wisdom. Our objective is to provide that information and experience to you. Holding on to information runs contrary to the Universal Law of Reciprocals.

"By your fruits, [your actions and results of your actions] we shall know you." And, you; correspondingly, know us. This is a process, not an absolute. "Judge not, lest you be judged."

None have reached perfection who are still here.

{However, our humor does seem to be improving, in process.}

That lesson ["Perfection"] is God's to give, not ours. God will take you Home, when you are ready for the ultimate graduation.


Claim your Birthright. It is limited only by you.


Please, feel free to browse the Web Site for information.


We urge you to explore your future as a Minister and Teacher of God, the greatest calling Father - God has to offer. He gives You the calling. Only He appoints the Christ.

"Miracles" are available and limited only by your perception, and actions. Find out the full meaning of this Spiritual Truth.

Father-God loves you so much He gave you the choice. Choose. Choose love, for that is what we affirm you are; and that is what we teach - a Divine Love which can only be experienced.


Read on to begin to know your future, and perhaps the future of mankind. It has long been known among spiritual and academic circles that mankind is evolving into a higher level of being. We know you will help determine that level. You are the future.


We chose our pattern from The Christ and the ancient "mystery" schools of antiquity.

In the past, only the Chosen Ones were initiated into Priesthood and the secrets of the Divine Relationship. Christ said: "..for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed.." We hope to assist Him in fulfilling that Divine Promise to You.


Check the Student Resource List page for Current Programs and computerized study applications. Many are free to you as an Enrolled Student with us. The Director and Staff have worked diligently to provide the best materials available. Your study materials will often qualify as fine art and wisdom.

Explore the Spiritual Truths behind your studies on the Study Excerpts page. Many concepts listed there will be viewpoints you may have never considered. Some may change your views on reality. Enjoy.

We recommend you seriously consider becoming a Minister and Teacher with your own Tutorial Service Ministry. The need is so great, we won't stand in your way. We will help make these goals come true for you. State this preference upon enrollment. It will change your study and future options; to the better. Remember, we are not a specific religion. Our effort is to Ordain Ministers as Universalists, that you may be able to effectively relate to all cultures and all peoples.

Ministerial Teacher Applications for
Undergraduate Studies.

Applications to the
- SFIU - Undergraduate Studies.

We are a private educational Ministry. Our goal is to train as many Ministers for God as possible. At this time, your degrees will probably not be accepted outside SFIU when you go looking for work elsewhere. That's all right. We have a place for you with us for your future.

We are training new Ministers for their own Ministry and for Researchers and Administrators at SFIU, as well as for you who are starting your own Ministries. These Researchers and Administrators will be dependent on growth within SFIU. As you can see, it's a mutual feed-back mechanism. The more Ministers we graduate as Teachers, the more support staff you will need. Nice, isn't it? This is a demonstration of the spiritual Law of Reciprocals in action. Your Ordainment however; is for life. You will have the spiritual authority to Ordain others.

We are breaking new ground and cannot be classified according to standard methodologies. See accreditation particulars for further information. Our standards are higher than most.


The Alpha Group, International Small Business Consultants; will assist you with that goal, with your permission.

Do you want to be fully independent? Managing your own business while you study could be the answer. See how Spiritual Methods work when applied to small business. The Alpha Group, International Consultants to small business entities - could help.


This Web Site is still under construction, and we need HTML Programmers. Students who have this skill will have advantages in work study programs after enrollment. You may study HTML {Hyper Text Markup Language} as an elective here. Discuss this with your Counselor or the Director. He is not unapproachable, and loves to teach. As a Mentor, he comes highly recommended. --The Webmaster.

Prepared by: alph.gif
International Small Business Consultants.


E-Mail the Director for Student, Teacher and Counselor Applications.

The Office of the Director


Please consider this insight:

We live in a world of increasing complexity,
with stress overloading us daily.
Have you ever searched for: a better way?

Long ago in time, a moment past in reality; a decision was made.
Some - not knowing -
had the decision made for them.

The question was unspoken,
and remains to this day:
Who are we?

The decision was an individual one -

the old knowledge of being One people
was rejected by some as being unnecessary.

From this moment, only the illusion would be followed:
"We are single, apart, proud of what we have become."

Shortly, The cry for help echoed out into the darkness,
and it was lonely on the mountain.

In the darkness, the lost feeling became unbearable.

Not being one now, we no longer
felt what the others felt,
saw what the others saw,
knew what the others knew.

The nameless fear increased.
Then, the first man reached for a club,
and his brother died.

The fear and violence have never stopped.

Is this all there is?

What about the better way?

Will we go back to being
One people again?

Yes, but we must do it the way we began,
one brother - one sister at a time.

Be One again. Join us.
Claim your birthright.

Your inheritance waits for you,
and it has only the limits you place on it.

Here. Take my hand.
The longest journey began with a single step. Let us begin.


Who are you?

The choice is yours.

Father loves you so much, He told me to tell you:

"The choice is yours."


Your Brother -
Rev. James L. Fabert, DD


Exit to the Front Door
Home of Jesus
Come Back Soon.

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