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She went out onto the street. She was bored and confused a little. Her face was upset. She thought that it was hard to be here. Here was the place that she percieved herself. She knew that the people or the whole enviroment were able to live with those chosen not with the choosing ones and it hurt her. Because universe time was deciding everything. She thought that she was like a big channel and the time was flowing through her and she was witnessing that time was able to do everything it wanted. Panic and hopelessness were the supporting casts of her adventure. She felt that if they would leave her alone she could feel herself as light as a snow flake. She turned back into the street where she had come out and she asked herself what would have changed, I would have gone to another street but not this street. She thought the streets that she had been to for years and realized that she had always been on the same street. All the images were like a part of boring movie that was shown under the same colors and light. One day I would come out again but this time the street was full of shing colors which would be brighter than the other and as white as it could be, it could be peaceful and I would be the silhouete of the street, not a part of the street and without having any weight I would exsist, then disappear continously, after that I would walk without any aim of reaching anywhere and just walk, time would flow within me by the time she felt these feelings she realized that the whole cosmos had flown within her. At this time, she understood that sculpting was the catch the a movement of this kind. Yes, it was exactly transformed by movement into a shape, into a sculpture to catch the movement, to fix it. She said to herself my god! it was very hard to feel the cosmos inside honestly. If you cant, you cant have a shit
First Updated: November, 26, 1999

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