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About Scrub A Dub Dub
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   What makes us stand apart from other shops?

Scrub A Dub Dub trys to minimize the stress of grooming to your pets!

We schedule by appointments so your pets are not forced to stay all day ( unless they want to!).
We take as long as necessary to groom your pet for their own comfort.
We don't "crank out" your pets here, we allow them time to adjust to the environment and they are allowed to explore the shop before we start to groom.
We take the time to find a dyer that doesn't scare them even if this means longer drying time.
We play pet music for those that are anxious to help soothe them.
We practice massage and Ttouch to help calm your pet.
 We do not cage your pets- unless they decide to wander into an open cage to  rest.  They can socialize with our shop ambassadors ( Cody& Miss Hattie) or if they prefer their own separate area we can provide that too.
 Water, snacks & potty breaks are given as needed


We love the elderly!
If a pet is elderly or incapacitated from surgery and needs to rest during their grooming we will give them breaks, if they need to sit or lay down we will work on parts that allows them to do so.

We offer flexible grooming hours to accommodate your schedule Tuesday - Saturday from 8A.M.- 6P.M. Sunday 12P.M.- 5P.M.
Walk-ins are welcome if we can take you!
Self Wash hours are by appointment so as not to keep you waiting
Stop in for a nail trimming any time-only $5.00

Self Wash $15.00
We take the time to give instruction on the proper bathing & drying techniques as well as what would be the appropriate grooming tool and how to use it when brushing out your pet.
Multiple dog discount
Puppies under one year only $10.00

Special Services
Wednesday is our day to participate in Mayor Daley's Senior Save program. Show us your card and save 20% on services
Pawdicures are available for $6.00
Brush out services w/o bath & trim

Toothbrushing  available- if possible or at least freshened breathe!

            At Scrub A Dub Dub we offer grooming services at a reduced rate for those of us on a fixed or lower income .  We feel that a person should not be deprived of the wonderful companionship that a pet may offer due to a restricted income, nor do we feel that a pet should suffer from lack of grooming due to a person's inability to afford proper grooming. Just mention your need.

Found a Stray?
We know all about the costs involved with taking in a stray animal (all of our ambassadors were strays).  To help out, we will groom your stray for free for the first time as our way of thanking you for helping out an animal in need of a home.

We are proud to say that we  donate our services to P.A.W.S. , Treehouse Animal Foundation and Felines Inc..

Associations & Certifications
Scrub A Dub Dub is a member of the Illinios State Professional Dog Groomers Association Inc.,National Dog Groomers Assoc. of America & International Professional Groomers,Inc.  We have recieved our Diploma from the  Academy of Dog Grooming Arts having completed the professional grooming course.  We have been certified in dog CPR. We also have our Companion Animal Hygienist Certificate

Stop in to see us anytime!
The treat jar is always filled with cookies!

Thank you for visiting our website!
Teresa, Cody & Miss Hattie