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Welcome to

Scamp's Internet Resources


This site lists some of the most useful and informative places on the internet in a variety of subjects. As the links grow I will be organizing the sections further. I'm constantly searching the net so you don't have to!

Check back often as I am always adding more great links. Stay tuned and don't forget to bookmark this page!

LOOK!!! Tons of new links added to both Resource pages!!

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I am also the proud owner of two Blue German Shepherds. Renegade, a male, born Feb. 13th 1999, and Gypsy, a female, born June 13th 1999. I have extensively documented their growth and continue to do so. If you are looking for pictures of my Blue GSD's they have been moved to their own site at Please take the time to browse my "Blue" pages. Lot's of great pictures and information on Blue German Shepherds. This documentation will continue as they grow.

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~ General Resources ~ Pet Resources ~ Specific (Dog) Breed Resources ~

~ Java Fun Page ~ Awards I've won ~ Puppy Mill Info ~

I will be updating this page as time permits.

Last update April 18, 2000

Visitors since February 10, 1999

I have AOL Instant Messanger. If you would like to contact me, my AIM name is Bluedoglover.

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Hi! My name is Scamp, and I'm proud to be a Virgo.

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