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Sarah Goes Camping <bgsound src="musicb.mid" loop=infinite>

Aah, summertime!
We just love the croaking frogs and hoot owls,
the fireflies and ladybugs...
the sunflowers and daylillies....

the hot air and humid nights....
the cicadas...
the mosquitoes...
horseflies and chigger bites.....

Sarah's firsts this summer of 1999:

*first movie at the theater
*first boat ride
*first giggle
*first pickle
*first ice cream
*first marshmallow
*first graham cracker
*first camping trip!

Out In The Woods!

Look How Big
Five Months Old!

Room enough to swing inside
105 degrees outside!

Hi Everyone!

Our Camper

The Rest Of
The Gang

Camping fun courtesy of our
Starcraft pop-up camper purchased from
the friendly folks at
Shoemaker RV in Bevier, Missouri

We camped at Berry Bend on Truman Lake, Missouri
and Ray Behrens Park on Mark Twain Lake
near Perry, Missouri
July/August 1999

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