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Assalam Alaikum, a Muslim greeting which means Peace Be Unto You.  What a wonderful way to greet someone.  The response would be Wa Alaikum Assalam, which means And Peace Be Unto You. With this, I welcome you to my website.  I hope you will find it informative and useful.  Why would I create a site on Islam and Women in Islam?  The answer lies in who I am and what I believe.  Below you will find a Summary of what I have tried to cover on the pages in this site and a Table of Contents , E-mails, Web Rings and Banners, my Guestbook (please take a moment to sign) and an e-mail link to me.  .  Any errors on these pages are mine and not that of Islam.


There is no compulsion in religion...  Qur'an 2:256


This site is built to inform Muslims and Non-Muslims about Islam in general and Women in Islam in particular.  I have tried to be objective when presenting the information.  I believe that knowledge is the key to understanding, and understanding is the key to learning how to accept others. 


This site is organized by categories (Women in Islam, Men in Islam, Introduction to Islam, Links, and other Resources, and Rings and Banners).  Some of these categories are further broken down to provide detailed information.


The Women in Islam link will provide you with information about Women issues, Women rights and duties, Hijab, Current Events and under these will be pages such as Inheritance, Employment etc.  The Introduction link will provide you with information about Islam, misconceptions,  the Center of Islam (i.e., the Middle East) an Articles page and pages on Eids and the Five Pillars of Islam.


The links page will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about many topics in Islam (e.g., understanding Islam, Sister Sites, Prophets Jesus and Muhammad, Islamic news letters, Islam top 50 sites etc,).   


The resource page will provide you with a list of books that I recommend for anyone interested in learning more, a list of software, and children and educational books. 


The page called My Story tells of my own personal journey through Islam.  The pages below this deal with Family, Humor, a sort of on the lighter side,  Viewpoint which deals with my view on Islam and pages on Stories of conversion.


The page Current Events page will deal with issues that appear in the media dealing with Muslims, Islam and Women in Islam. 


The Fatawa page will deal with rulings on issues dealing with women.


The page Articles has links to articles on Islam and its components


The page Articles 2 has links to articles on Women in Islam i.e. Hijab, women in society, The Ideal Muslimah etc.


The pages on Music and Pictures is a must read for all Muslims.


The page on Jihad covers the meaning and types of Jihad.


The page on Bida'ah covers what it is and why it is not acceptable.


The page on Men in Islam covers their duties and responsibilities (a must read).


The Dictionary page has a list of Arabic terms and their meanings.  .


The page on American law will deal with the rights of Muslims or Muslimahs within the work force in the United States and the page My Experiences will tell of how I have dealt with being in the workforce.


The are other pages which deal with Knowledge (why it is important), marriage, children, divorce etc.


The pages on Halloween, Christmas, and Easter will describe what these holidays are and why as Muslims and why Muslim children should not participate in them. 


The page on Fiqh deals with its definition and classifications.


A journey, of this kind, can never be finished and with this in mind, I will continue to update and expand this site, Insha Allah.

Table of Contents


  1. A Journey Through Islam

  2. New This Week

  3. Introduction

    1. Islam

      1. Misconceptions

      2. Eids

      3. Five Pillars

        1. Jihad

        2. Bida'ah

          1. Music

          2. Pictures

        3. Fiqh

        4. Knowledge

    2. The Center of Islam

      1. Economics

      2. Politics

        1. News of Interest

          1. A Poem

          2. Archives

    3. Articles 

    4. Dictionary

  4. Women In Islam

    1. Rights

      1. Education

      2. Inheritance

      3. Employment

        1. My Experiences 

        2. American Law  

    2. Duties

      1. Prayer

      2. Marriage

        1. Children

          1. Stories for Children

        2. Polygyny

        3. Relationships

        4. Fasting

    3. Holidays

      1. Halloween

      2. Christmas 

      3. Easter 

    4. Hijab

      1. A Story

    5. Women's Issues

      1. Divorce

      2. Menstruation

      3. Status

    6. Fatwa 

    7. Articles 2

      1. Women's Dress

    8. My Story

      1. Family

      2. Humor

      3. Tribute  

      4. Viewpoint

      5. Stories

        1. Brothers

        2. Sisters 

          1. Fatimah

          2. Widad

  5. Men In Islam

  6. Links

  7. Resources

  8. Banners  Banners for use to link this site

  9. Terrorism



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