Welcome to the official web Site for Sacred Winds.
Sacred Winds is a non-profit organization devoted to the care and rescue of
wolf-hybrids. Although not officially established until November of 1993 the
founders have been caring for these animals since 1987. Presently under Sacred
Wind's care there are between 20 and 30 hybrids from various places in the
United States. Many of these animals have been abused or abandoned, while
others are relinquished by owners who can no longer handle their pets, or live
in areas where their possession is illegal. Upon arrival to Sacred Winds each
animal is placed in a temporary holding pen, where it bonds with those who will
care for it. Meanwhile members of the foundation observe it's behavior so as
to better place it in one of the existing packs or in a pen by itself. The pens
are kept as natural as possible, with plenty of trees and bushes for cover.
Enclosing the pen is six-foot chain-link fence with electric wire at the top and
bottom. As these animals are too domesticated to be released in the wild, and
most could not safely be placed in homes, they will live out their lives at the
foundation. Members and volunteers spend time with the animals giving them
the attention they need while studying behavior and characteristics. These
findings are used to help educate people about the wolf-hybrid. Sacred Winds
also discourages the breeding of hybrids as so many are destroyed or sent to
organizations like this one each day.
For More information on Sacred Winds Wolf-Hybrid Foundation Please E-Mail
Shelly Braden

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