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Tears From Heaven


The Mares Cry

I was working looking up the side effects of my medicine Premarin.
It seems this is a drug most often given by doctors to all of our women.
I found this is made from the urine of the pregnant mare
But I also found the owners are greedy and really do not care.

They let the mare stand only in a small narrow place.
She can't lie down or just relax in this small narrow space.
Sometimes her feet get so tired she trembles and cries in a pitiful way.
Her feet are standing in her own feces day after day.

Standing always and in a hot rancid place she groans.
The owners never think about this poor animal and her sad tormented tones.
She is not allowed to have much water so she stands thirsty in her misery.
The urine must be concentrated so thirst becomes her constant company.

If all the women who take this drug would realize the pain this creature endures.
I'm sure our noble pharmaceutical companies would find some different cures.
So when you see a mare who is about to become a mother.
Remember all those who are still standing unnoticed by our greedy brothers.

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Copyrighted 5-2003
Loved by The Son


Broken Promises

I fell in love many years ago,
To a man of my dreams and how I love him so.
He was a tall, handsome, with eyes so blue,
There wasn't anything that he would not do,
To make me happy and to let me know
That his love was true, he'd never let me go.
I miss him yet, and I wonder why
He broke his promise, the night he died!
There is only one love every heart holds dear
No other love can begin to adhere.
There is only one dream will never cease,
Its, roots entwined, the hearts Masterpiece.
Only memories of this love can unfold.
Its more treasured than silver or gold.
I miss him yet, and I wonder why
But he broke his promise, the night he died.
I miss him yet, and I wonder why.....
But he broke his promise, the night he died..........

Sybil G Shearin

Copyright 2002 Sybil G Shearin


Why The Tears?

Why do these tears run down my eyes?
Why is my heart filled with hurtful cries?
There is a pain only I can feel.
There is a void only God can reveal.
Why does this life continue to live?
Why does this darkness continue to give?
Feelings are black as the darkest midnight.
Feelings I keep hidden from sight.
No one can see how I hurt inside.
No one cares that these feelings quietly abide
What has life to offer if not the sunlight?
Nothing but hurt seems to be my plight.
There is no one asking for forgiveness.
There are no feelings except cold harsh selfishness.
So why would I want to live in this empty shell?
Except for the fact I'd escape an eternal hell.

Written by Sybil Shearin




Love Lost

The thunder rolled across the darkened skies.
Rain streamed down like a water fall.
Lightening streaked, I closed my eyes.
I watched you sleeping unwilling to call.

Trees bending as the winds howled by.
The storm roared on for hours on end.
I lay there frightened I knew not why.
This was only part of natures trend.

Then all was calm, the storm was gone.
Rain drops ran freely down the windowpane.
It would not be long until another days dawn.
Another night of love spent in vain.

Slowly I slipped across the bed.
Softly I kissed with a passionate love,
Remembering again the words that were said.
I kissed again a love I was so unworthy of.

Sybil Shearin

Copyright 2002 Sybil G Shearin



 A Solace for the Soul

rest now in arms so loving and so kind
Time is standing still and rest I must find.
Sorrows are never ending as I search for peace for my mind.
Stress is running rampant and I need so much to unwind.
My heart beats loudly for I can feel my chest expand.
I'm so glad I found this place and this man with such a gentle hand.
My thoughts are mingled as my head spins around.
I seek solace in this world but it is a place of blasphemous sound.
His clothes feel cool next to my bare skin.
He whispers softly and his voice trails into the gentle wind.
My eyes gaze upward to see this blessed humble soul.
Oh I must remember to thank him for he is a treasure untold.
His hair fell softly off his shoulders broad.
He smiled a loving smile, a smile I had so often awed.
I rest in His arms knowing all was well back on earth.
My spirit was safe in the arms of my Master, the Savior of my eternal birth.
Heaven is before me and I see my path is clear.
Hell in size increases daily but I no longer fear.
I so wanted to tell others about this man while I was there.
I had many opportunities but I didn't have the time to spare.
How many souls will enter hell today because I failed?
Why must man be so busy that God's word is yet to be unveiled?

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 8-2003
Safe In The Arms of The Son!
All Rights Reserved
May be used with Permission


Angel Tears

The soul of an angel was stolen one day.
Her hair hung in matted locks from parents lack of care.
Her tiny soul had been broken into little bits of clay.
She longed for the loving hand of the Master who was gentle and fair.

The soul was shattered by hands she was to trust.
It was her Daddy who broke her leaving her in guilt and shame.
Angel tears fell like rain because of another's lust.
How could she be an angel all shattered, broken and lame.

Daddy, why would you do this to your angel, she replied?
He stood silently looking into her tear filled eyes.
The silence filled the room for he this angel denied.
How could a father continue to hurt her and tell others demeaning lies?

She crawled into a corner and sat there in a daze.
A finger suddenly tapped her gently on her shoulder bare.
She looked upon the hand of Jesus still wounded by His tormentors.
He had come to rescue her for Jesus always cares.

Why did Daddy do this to me she asked to the Father of all mankind?
He gently wiped her tears away and held her in His arms.
One touch from the Master made her whole in body and in mind.
He smiled as He assured her their would be no further harms.

She reached to hold with trembling hands the Master's hand in hers.
A hand so big and loving didn't need anyone else's help.
He scooped her up and brushed her hair aside with instant loving transfers.
She nestled in His loving arms warm, whole and eternally kept.

The Saviors arms were gentle unlike her daddy's were.
His eyes pierced her soul and filled it with His pure and perfect love.
What an awesome Master and why did this occur?
You are now my angel and freed from the shame which you were not guilty of.

So now the angel tears are kept in a bottle of blue.
Jesus holds them forever and watches His angel with care.
A child innocent of hands of fathers who break little hearts into.
God in His awesome splendor always turns evil deeds into diamonds we are to share.

Poetry Written by Sybil Shearin
Story from Paula Lee and it's true.(Tiggerangels01)
(c) 8-2003
All Rights Reserved
Both Forever Held by the Son!