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The Rose in the Snow


A Rose In The Snow

My footprints left a trail showing just where I'd been.
Snow had not fallen in I can't remember when.
The tree limbs were heavy all covered in dusty white snow.
Frozen drops of water glistened with a rainbow like glow.

Snowflakes pecked against my cold reddened face.
What a miracle God has given, such a white and pure embrace.
The green leaves were drooping from all the snow and ice.
Children played in the wondrous earthly paradise.

I stood allowing my eyes to absorb the beauty surrounding me
Till my glasses were wet and I could no longer see.
From my pocket I pulled out my handkerchief well worn.
I rubbed the lens softly clearing my vision now forelorn.

Packing my pipe with tobacco I proceeded on my walk.
I could hear the sounds of laughter and men and women talk.
My hat covered my bald head but not my ears.
They were rather cold having seen many cold winter years.

So I turned making my way toward home I must now go.
It was then I saw the rose still blooming in the snow.
It's leaves were still frozen and covered in ice
But the petals still felt lke velvet adorned so precise.

Only God could have created such a beautiful work of art.
So with the rose in my hand I began to embark.
My were hands frozen but my heart danced to the imaginary musical harp.
I had to give this Rose in the Snow to the white haired lady I still called my sweetheart.

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 12-2002
Inspired by the Son!