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King of Kings Lord of Lords

King of Kings and Lord of Lords

Have you read the book of Revelations in the Bible anytime soon?
Was it hard for you to understand all the changes coming upon the sun and the moon?
If you will ask for wisdom God will open that book up just for you.
Then you can understand what is about to happen and if you are smart what you really must do.

It talks about the AntiChrist who is about to take over the entire world.
It tells how he deceives the people and causes chaos to be unfurled.
Then it tells of the False Prophet who holds the religious church high and lifted up.
Who is this holy priest who drinks tainted wine from a golden cup?

It tells of Satan the Beast who's number is 666 and upon who's forehead this number will be placed.
Once you receive the mark of the beast it can never be erased.
Your soul will be sealed and hell will be your future home.
If you do not accept this seal you cannot buy, rent or own.

This book of Revelations tells of a great catching away.
Some call it the Rapture but the Blood Bought Church will be taken to heaven for a while to stay.
While the real church is gone, a terrible war will on earth be taking place.
It is the war of all wars and it will be fought by all the human race.

The Armageddon will be the last war fought in the Middle East.
Blood will flow to the horses bridles and serpents will have their feast.
For seven years this earth will be totally transformed from what it is today.
The Beast and his cohorts will be happy but will have hell to pay.

For after the seven years are over God will look over the balcony of heaven and see.
"Enough is Enough!" He will shout, "I Am has the final decree!"
Jesus will sit upon His white stallion and through the gates of heaven ride.
All the Christians in heaven will be riding right along by His side.

He will speak and His words will consume the earth with fire so hot.
All mankind would be destroyed had God not provided a secret spot.
Bombs will erupt, earthquakes will split and volcano's will erupt.
The earth will reel on its axis as angels empty their seals and cups.

Then God will summons His mighty angel to take hold of Lucifer and bind him by holy writ.
So the angel will lay hold upon Lucifer, bind him and lock him in the
bottomless pit.
He will seal it for a thousands years and there will be no way for Lucifer to get out.
Then the world will be ruled and reigned by Jesus the Son of God who has never once entertained a doubt.

It sounds like a pretty horrible thing that is about to soon take place.
I wonder if you have accepted Jesus and His amazing grace.
For if you haven't then you'll be left behind
With disease, scorpions and devils of all kinds.

Think about it for just a moment before you choose.
When you have Jesus on your side, what have you got to lose?
I'm not a preacher nor a man of the cloth by any means.
I'm just a messenger and one day I'll have my wings.

Will you read and believe
or will you ignore and be deceived?
Will you be carried away by angel wings
Or will you be left to endure such horrid things?

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Can be used with permission