My First Day With Jesus

It had been a long day as my weary head on my pillow lay.
I wrestled with thoughts that seemed determined to stay.
My mind was at peace but my heart pounded against my will.
Within seconds I saw my body lying silent and still.

My soul and spirit quickly slipped out and was carried away.
The angels swisk me up in the heavens to meet Jesus that day.
I felt my body going upward as fast as could be.
Within seconds I stood before the One who created me.

The music was glorious and it came from everywhere.
I saw His face and I couldn't help but stare.
His hair was as white as a new fallen snow.
His face was tanned with a bronze like glow.

He spoke and the sound rolled like a mighty thunders blast
But yet His voice was gentle and I was finally happy at last.
He revealed to me all the bad things that had happened to me.
Then He said, "No more hurt and pain for you will ever be!"

He spoke but His lips never moved at all.
It was as if His thoughts carried directly my mind as I recall.
My lips would not move and I just stood in awe of being with Him.
My mind couldn't comprehend quickly but my sight wasn't dim.

His eyes were like flames of brimstone and fire.
They flashed like lightning into the air.
His robe was pearl white and made without human hands I'm sure.
I was astounded by all the things I saw and heard on my grand tour.

He told me in words spoken with bold authority that I must return.
I had not completed my task of destroying the devil's urn.
" My people are being destroyed for lack of knowledge!" He said.
"If you don't guide them they will walk for eternity in hell among the living dead!"

Then I felt sad for I wanted so much to stay.
I had never been that happy before or felt love in that perfect way.
Then in the blink of an eye I saw my body lying cold and still.
My soul and spirit slipped back inside for it was God's perfect will.

You may not believe the words today that I say
But if you don't know Jesus Christ please make Him your Savior today.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
For in heaven there is no death, no sickness and no pain.

No man, demon or devil from hell can pluck you out of His hand.
Heaven really is real for I saw it first hand.
So I'm telling you just what He said for me to do.
Now what you do with my true story is strickly up to you.

Written by Sybil Shearin
True Story
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