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I was born in North Carolina and have lived here all my life. I grew up in
a small little town and I still love it so. My mother was a poet and she
began teaching me how to write poems as a child and I still write today.

I graduated from University of Cincinnati professional writing in 1987 and
I have been writing professionally since. My first book was "Little Hands"
which was a biography and included a small portion of poetry. It was
published by Winston Derek Publishing Company and all the books were sold.
This was the stepping stone to writing novels, children's books and to
compile a large volume of poetry to be published. I have written three
novels, two children's books and one volume of poetry.
They are with agents at the present time and hopefully will be
published soon.

I have worked for over 30 years as a Christian, in teaching, and in
Spiritual Warfare. I have worked with Ministers of the Gospel, Priests,
Laymen and on my own for many years. I work in Exorcism and Deliverance.
It is my desire to help set the captives free as Jesus taught us to do as
Christians. If I can help one soul to be saved, then it will all be worth it.

I had Polio as a child and now I have Post Polio Syndrome. I am home much
of the time, so my computer allows me to continue my work helping others.
I am a people person and I love sharing the Gospel with the youth of the
world. I am married and have two children and five grandchildren. They
are the joy of my life. God really does bless ones life with children!

This is a sample of my poetry. I hope you will enjoy it and come back to
visit me again and again. I have a wonderful lady helping me with the
graphics, and I know you will enjoy them. I can't take the credit for
her beautiful designs. Thank you Barbara for all your work and your love!

God Can Handle Tears Too!

               She was so small, her arms so tiny and pale.
               Ribbons from her golden hair gracefully fell.
               Her cheeks were touched with the kiss of a rose.
               Her eyes sparkled above her turned up nose.

               She was dresses all in lace from head to toe.
               My eyes consumed her gentle childlike glow.
               Her hands were so tiny and oh, so were her small fingers.
               My thoughts were captivated as ones often lingers.

               It was then I noticed the small white boots she wore.
               She walked unsteadily and I wondered what for?
               "Daddy's gonna buy me a pair of black shiny shoes.
               He is even gonna even let me be the one to choose"!

               I smiled a loving smile to let her know I cared.
               I didn't know what else to say to this child so I just shared.
               My time was really not important I had plenty today.
               So I stood to listen to what this child had to say.

               "I've had Polio and I can't walk too good yet.
               But Daddy says God hasn't finished healing me,so not to fret."
               I watch as she tried again and again.
               I even caught myself reaching out to lend her my hand.

              But she kept on going hobbling her way along,
               While I felt unworthy standing on my legs so strong.
               As she stumbled out of sight, my eyes shed a tear.
               I wondered if my children would be stricken that year.

               The hospitals were full of adults and lots of children.
               And there I stood ashamed, standing waist deep in my sin.
               How could I ask a Holy God to pass over my little one,
               He knew all the lies and the sins I had done.

               I had turned around and was ready to walk,
               When I heard that little girl start to talk.
              I stopped and I listened with eager ears.
             "Don't worry Mister, God can handle your tears!"

               I remember that day as if it were just yesterday.
               I remember exactly what that man had to say.
               I remember that little girl very well you see.
               That little girl long ago just happened to be!

               God gave me a seed and said " Go sow it!"
                So here you have it from the lips of a poet!

                         Written by Sybil Shearin 7-2002
                       (c) 7-2002 All Rights Reserved.