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Getting to the Stones


OS map 151
Grid 269 309
Nearest village Long Compton
Nearest town Chipping Norton

The Whispering knights and the Kings men circle are in Oxfordshire, and the
King stone is across the road to the north in Warwickshire. Follow the A34
out of Chipping Norton heading for Long Compton, take a left towards Little
Compton, a few hundred metres further on you will come across a lay-by
on the left hand side, you are now at the stones.

The site is open from Sunrise to Sunset and is run by the Friends of the
Rollright Stones. A small charge of 30p is made for entry, this goes
towards the promotion and conservation of the stones. Dogs are not
allowed and the nearest public toilets are in Chipping Norton.

My Pet Hate

Unfortunately the stones are vandalised on a regular basis by the idiot
minority. Their activities include:

Lighting fires in the circle
Chipping bits off the stones
Lighting candles and allowing the wax to dribble onto the stones
Burying objects in the circle
Ripping up flowers from the road side and leaving them in the circle
Leaving dead animals in the circle
Liberally discarding sandwich wrappers, ciggarette butts etc everywhere

I really can't understand what sort of selfish, mindless vermin do
those sort of things, needless to say if you see anyone doing something
destructive at any site, report them or have a word with them yourself.

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