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B'ham Aero Modelers Association
The BAMA Flyers
Central AL Premier RC Aviation Club
Updated January 9th, 2002

Leeds Field

If the wind is less than 10mph and the temperature is above 50, you can bet that atleast one of the BAMA Flyers is out flying on any Saturday or Sunday.

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Have a plane you want to fly?

If you are already an AMA member, we give you 3 days to come out and fly as our guest while you check out the club and it's members.

If you've never flown a RC plane, and have one you want to start learning to fly, use your 3 days as our guest to get some stick time in while you check out our training program. The BAMA Flyers love to teach others to fly just as much as they love to fly themselves.

If you're interested in the hobby, give one of the club officers an e-mail and they will arrange to have one of the club trainers out at the field for you to give a try.

The New Field

We are ready to start construction on the pits once the weather starts stay above 50 degrees. In the meantime, the winter rye has covered our excavation nicely.

It's time to give this field a name. We could go with the Markeeta Field, or we could come up with some other name. Offer some suggestions, they will be presented to the club, and maybe one suggestion will become the name for the new field. E-mail your suggestions if you like.

We still need MONEY!!!! If you've been waiting to see some results before you reach into the old wallet - it's time to start reaching. The club is still asking all members to donate $20 every month. Thus far not nearly enough members are donating. If you fly at Leeds and you would like to continue to fly in the Leeds area, then this field is your future. Your donation will not be wasted. We still have a long way to go.

If you would like to mail a donation, you can send a check made out to "BAMA Flyers" to:

			Robby Atchison
			Attn: Bama Flyers
			604 Thin Bark Lane
			Moody, Alabama 35004

If you have any comments or suggestion,
please send me an e-mail.

Robby, Web Administrator

Please take a moment to sign our guest book!

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