Betina Lindsey



Swan Bride
Pocket Books Historical Romance

The battle-scarred warrior stood alone ~ until a woman like no other conquered his untamed heart... Moira grew to womanhood in the realm of Myr, wise in the arts of women - and utterly innocent of the ways of men. Her delicate beauty belied her inner strength...yet she wondered, trembling. For tonight she passed through the circle of stones into the world of men...

Wulfsun was every mesmerizing inch a man, hard-muscled and tawny-maned. No Viking was more feared, for Wulfsun fought without mercy, and expected none...until he captured a maiden as beautiful as moonlit shadows, and was enslaved for all time.

He would have her willing or not at all, though his blood coarsed hot with wanting her. And though Moira wore a golden collar of thralldom, her desire for the mighty warrior was the greater bondage. In the long northern night, they surrendered at last to their sweet destiny. But Wulfsun would go forth once more, to die - or claim forever the free, enchanting heart of his own...Swan Bride. 



Swan Witch
Pocket Books Fantasy/Historical Romance

In an enchanted realm, all was illusion, save for a love that blazed brighter than the stars... As the setting sun haloed her flame-colored hair, beautiful Eithne glowed with netherworld witchery, her gentle nature clouded by the black magic of the Druid father who held her mother imprisoned and kept Eithne in fear. Having vowed never to speak, she could not cry a warning to the handsome knight who, by entering the gates of Rath Morna, had sealed his fate.

With his raven-black hair braided like that of a king, Bron mac Llyr traveled the land searching for the famed Swan Sister who was blessed with the powers to heal his battle wounds. Instead he found a place of dark enchantment, a trap of lies and illusions, and an exotic, ethereal woman so lovely he burned to possess her. Bron vowed to unveil the sorrowful secret that burdened Eithne's heart. Now she must chance exchanging her father's evil reign for the greater hazards of desire...and so discover that a man could give as well as take, could free as well as possess his beloved...Swan Witch. 



Swan Star
Pocket Books Historical/Fantasy

A quest into the mystical darkness can free both a woman's heart...and a transcendent love.

In the misty moonlight of Myr, Arrah swam through waters black as satin, reveling in her freedom. Her magical feathered cloak lay on shore, where the young warrior Traeth of Rhune stole it in the twinkling of an eye and sealed both their destinies. Headstrong and bold, Traeth quickly seized the now helpless Arrah and carried her to Rhune Castle, in the world of men. There the handsome knight showered her with gifts and kisses, awakening a wild passion between mortal and swan maiden ~ the other-world beauty he vowed never to let go.

But such a dire crime meant a fearsome penalty, and Traeth could no longer escape the Swan Sisters' wrath at Arrah's abduction. Now they decreed he must die if he failed at an extraordinary quest ~ to find what all women desire most. His journey would test his courage, draw him through secret kingdoms, and send him deep into the unexplored regions of his own soul.

But only if he came to understand how love can release as well as imprison would he grasp the answer he sought ~ and have one final chance to embrace the glorious ecstasy of his...Swan Star. 


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