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In Highlander online land, you'll find some strange
Acronyms that just might leave you shaking your head
and wondering...."What does that mean?"
So to help out those who just have to's
some shortcuts you might find on e-groups,
forums or message boards.

Many of these came from the AP Official MB,
and I don't claim they are all accurate.

Adrian Paul
HIghlander 3 (the movie)
Alexandra Vandernoot (Tessa in HL:TS)
An Immortal
Big Evil Grin (also see VBEG)
In my humble opinion
Blue Face Love God (Methos)
Jim Byrnes (Joe Dawson in HL:TS)
By the way
Joe Dawson
Established facts and rules of the Highlander Universe
Evil Immortal
Christopher Lambert
Know What I Mean
Connor MacLeod
Laugh Out Loud
Duncan MacLeod nickname
Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod
Message Board
David-Panzer (the producers)
Our Noble Hero (referring to Duncan)
Dark Quickening
Our Pony-tailed Hero (referring to Duncan)
Evil Duncan MacLeod (from: Something wicked/Deliverance)
A Mortal destined to become Immortal
Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda in HL:TS)
Peter Wingfield
ep or epi
Rolling On Floor Laughing
A picture of Adrian Paul (in any character)
Rolling On Floor Laughing My Butt Off
For your information
Really Old Guy (referring to Methos)
Great minds think alike
Richie Ryan
Holy Ground
Stan Kirsch (Richie Ryan in HL:TS)
I am questioning the spelling of this word
Highlander: Endgame (the movie)
The Adorable One (referring to Adrian Paul)
Highlander: The Animated Series
There Can Be Only One
Highlander: THe Raven (the series)
The Man
Adrian Paul
Highlander: The Series
The Methos Chronicles
Highlander 2 (the movie)
The Powers That Be
Ta-Ta For Now
Very Big Evil Grin
There are tons more, and I don't claim to have them all.
Let me know if you think I ought to add any!
Yet Another Highlander Inconsistency
The Planet Zeist (from HL2)

These are some fun lists that "someone" put together but I have no idea who!
If you know who made these up, let me know and I'll be happy to share that info!

Favorite Insults of Immortals

Slogans for Highlander Beer
1.   "You call that a sword?"
2.   "I could take your head with a pair of scissors!"
3.   "Your head is not worth taking."
4.   "Kronos? Isn't that something you put on your car to make it shiny?"
5.   "Duncan MacLeod? Never heard of him."
6.   "Cassandra? Is that with a 'K' or a 'C'?"
7.   "Ooh, I am sooo scared. What you going to do, take my head with your nails and teeth?"
8.   "Mi casa es su casa." Translates roughly as, "I can come on your series whenever I please."
9.   "I have a harem and you don't!"
10.  "I can smile better, and I have a good rear."
1.   Highlander Beer - And you thought your beer was old
2.   Richie tested, Methos approved
3.   If it's cheap, it's good
4.   Any Horseman will tell you that Highlander Beer is as almost good as raiding a village.
5.   Hold on to your head
6.  This beer has the best head in town except for your own
7.   Good for the toes and for the nose.
8.   Watcher tattoo included
9.   1,000 years old and over get a free discount
10.  Brewed with 5,000 secret ingredients
Rejected products for the Highlander catalog
1.   Dehydrated Scotsman
2  . Mumified hand of Xavier St Cloud (replica)
3.   Beer buddy Methos
4.   Quickening in a can
5.   Microwavable Duncan Bunns (golden or brown)
6.   Souvenir Safety Pins from the Kurgan's neck
7.   Kenny Patch Kid
8.   Richie doll from final show of fifth season (defective: head keeps falling off)
9.  Your own invitation to the Four Horseman of Apocolypse reunion  (you should be glad, you may be hung instead of being used for target practice by Silas)
10. A jarred set of Methos toe jam, Duncan belly button lint, Richie earwax, Amanda's charge slips, Joe's nose hair, Ramirez's snuff, and last, but not least, Connor's Antique Haggis
Books from the Immortal Book Club
1.   "Finding Myself" by Methos
2.   "The Big Book of Mystery Tea and Other Brews" by Darius
3.  " A Thousand and One Ways to Say 'I'm sorry, Mac, I know he was your friend,'" by Richie Ryan
4.   "The Immortal/Watcher Relationship" by Sean Burns
5.   "The Top Hundred Best Places to Shoplift and/or Rob" by Amanda
6.   "Quickenings for Dummies" by The Watchers
7.   "A Thousand and One Uses For Warm Fuzzies" by Joe Dawson
8.   "Yes, I Will. No, I Won't" by Dr Anne (hawk, spit) Lindsey
9.   "Cooking With Katanas" by Tessa Noel
10  " Celebrity Bathrooms" by Maurice
11.  "How to Look Good in Practically Everything" by Duncan MacLeod
12.  "All the Fun and Most of the Good Women" by Connor MacLeod
13.  "Don't Tip the Boat, Dammit!" by Connor MacLeod (dedicated to Ramirez)
14.  "How to Give a Highlander a Bath" by Ramirez
15.  "The Hundred Things that are Revolting about Scotsmen" by Ramirez
16.  "Haggis, the Ramirez Biography" by Connor MacLeod
17.  "Duncan's Bank Account Numbers" by Amanda
18.  "My Career as 'Death'" by Methos
19.  "Damn Chivalorous Scotsmen" by Methos
20.  "Duncan MacLeod - Warrior or Big Boy Scout?" by Methos
21.  "Women I Have Cooked With" by Hugh Fitzcairn
22.  "If Bonnie and Clyde Had Been Immortal, It Would Have Worked" by Cory Raines (a real bomb)
23.  "Good Horsemen I Have Known" by Kit O'Brady
24.  "I Kid You Not" by Kenny
25.  "Die, Methos, Die" by (who else?) Cassandra
26.  "Fake Accents Made Easy" by Methos
27.  "How to Pick a New Name" by Connor MacLeod
28.  "A Thousand Uses for Haggis" by Duncan and Connor MacLeod
29.  "The Big Book of Newbie Cookies and Other Recipes" by The Geezers
30.  "Through a Glass Repeatedly: Why Windows Are The Best Escape Routes" by Richie Ryan
Again, I did NOT make these up! And I'd be glad to let you know who did, as
soon as that person steps forward and takes credit. These are JUST FOR FUN!!!

Adrian blows a little tune as he struts the catwalk on an early modeling gig.

If you think you might fit into one of these Clan might just be an "Adrian's Angel" and not be aware of it!
Over the years, we've gathered some Clan titles that we think fit our "off-kilter" sense of fun.

The Clan MacDufus
for those klutzes that just trip over everything
The Clan MacGutter
for the little bit of Gutter Girl in each of us
The Clan MacNuts
because sometimes we get a bit nutty
The MacBookworms
for the avid book lovers
The MacPackrats
because we save anything Highlander or Adrian related
The Clan MacPunsters
any pun will set us off

Last, but not least, the Techno Turkeys for the computer impaired! (contact Gail for membership if you can figure how  to e-mail her!)

If you answered YES to any of the above, you are sure to
be welcomed to Adrian's Angels with open arms. :>)
( will be welcomed one way or another!)

Here is another Fun Stuff area that we like to call.......

Let us enjoy the reason that Kilts were invented. To cover men's bums. lol
(some portions are rated "R" and intended for adults only)
...not in perfect balance, a bit askew....

That definitely describes Adrian's Angels!

Ever wonder what really IS under the kilt?

Ask a Scotsman and he might just tell you!

(Eileen Donan Castle)

Have we need a Princess!
Gorgeous Kollette volunteered and was made our honorary
(Princess Off-Kilter)

Yes, believe it or not that IS Gail checking out the kilt!
Now you know!

(courtesy classroomclipart)
I'm sure I was wearing a kilt when
I left the house!

We are definitely off-kilter!

Think you are a bit "Off-Kilter" too and want to have fun with a bunch of Highlander/Adrian Paul fans?
Join our E-group!
"Amazing Grace"
~unknown piper~

Click here to check out our Gutter Girls pages!
(Warning...take a towel and a fan!)

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 Pass some time making some Adrian puzzles at JigZone

If you find any unusable links please contact me. Thank you.

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