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We all have those days when we just crave a good sexy,
hot picture of Adrian and let our minds wander to  Kilts blowing
in the wind, creamy chocolate....that chest.... those eyes....
surely enough to make your wee  heart pound a little harder
and beads of sweat break out on your forehead.

You have now officially stepped off the sidewalk and entered
Gutter Girl Land.....or the Clan MacGutter as we call it.

Warning........ Drool bucket and bib required, and a good imagination!

That said, welcome to our Gutter Girls page. Warning.....
nothing explicit here, just some good fun.

Did ya ever wonder?




(I cannot recall who did this collage, but e-mail me and I'll happily put your name as credit)



The Adrian Sundae
This was created by one of our Angels, Annette!
(check out her webpage for more great wallpapers and pics! See LINKS page)
Or E-mail her at:

Last but not least.....the scenes from
that had all fans in an uproar!
(see a mini-slo-mo movie of the scene!!!)
(Rub that chest!!)
**Warning: For ADULTS only!!**

(pat the butt!)

Thanks for visiting with the Gutter Girls and we hope you
come back soon! Now, take a deep breath and
return to normal life!

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"Atomic Dog"
~George Clinton~

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