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Reisenbach Reunion Group's 
Message Board

Welcome to the Reisenbach Reunion Group's message board
To enter the Message Board you must do the following:

Sign up on the Lycos Network (click on "Message Board" to get the sign up screen).  Or .  You must also be a Tripod / Lycos member to use the chat room, if you are already a Tripod / Lycos member you may use the ChatRoom by entering your existing screen name and password.  For the message board (which is private you must follow the rest of the procedure listed below).

  2. Enter a "Sign up or Screen Name" and the other required information.
  3. Email Zeitung Central (this will come up automatically) with your "Sign up Name" & your real name (required by Zeitung Central) and we will put you on the access list.


You will not receive all sorts of junk mail by signing up. So "March On" and leave us a message.

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